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Panic on day 5


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I'm on day 5, and as far as I know have counted everything and have stuck to it 100% and added in a decent amount of exercise for me but for some reason I'm panicing that I haven't lost anything, I keep thinking I'm sure I'm still eating too much- too many calories to loose anything. I have given it everything to try and show myself I can to it and will work, but I'm getting into bad mind set thinking if this hasn't shifted a decent amount that it feels hopeless. I know it sounds werid (esp since I've stuck to it) but my brain is saying give up as chances are I've lost nothing or very little.

Does anyone understand this type of self-sabotage?
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Hi I no were your coming from in the past I hav always given up b4 I had chance 2 fail. But I hav told myself that I really need 2 do it this time. I started sw and in 2wks hav lost 10lbs. The first wk was so hard as I found myself wanting 2 quit so I didn't hav 2 deal with it if I hadn't lost. But I stuck it out an found I had lost 6lbs. That has made me stick 2 it and decide 2 take the good with the bad an push myself 2 reach my goal Xx


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Hi there

I felt like that for the first week as I was a WW girl... I told myself to just do exactly what the book said and see what happened.. now I didn't get the huge 1st week loss I could get on WW -BUT I have lost consistantly -never had a sts or gain YET :cross: and I have never stuc to an eating plan for this long before....
Just think if you give up or sabotage yourself before a week is through you will never know what you could have lost ;) ...
keep strong and keep doing what the plan says and you should soon be convinced :D


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i know what you mean! every week i think i must have eaten too much to have had a loss. i lost 4lbs the first week and 3lbs the second week, ive stayed the same this week but i think thats because i was due the time of the month. if you have stuck to the plan you would have lost im sure x


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If you're been a sw angel, kept to the book im sure your hard work is going to pay off on those scales :)