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party games for 5yr old, please help !!

So my baby boy has started school ( loves it thank goodness)
But now I have a party to sort out next week as he will be 5.

Venue booked, food ordered, doesn`t want a mini disco and apart from pass the parcel and musical chairs/ statues I can`t think of anymore games.

Any suggestions please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! to keep 18.. 4-6 years olds entertained.
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Thanks for taking the time to reply Becky, I seem to be doing well for support on here lately ( not)
hi sazzy,

corners....( where you put a different picture in each corner and the kids pick a corner, an adult who's not looking chooses a corner and they are out)

musical chairs

musical bumps

pin the tail on the donkey

simon says

hope that helps x
I use to organise all kinds of games for my kids + childminding kids.

Get a tray and put about 10 items on it ..... let them look at it for about 2mins .... play another game and then bring the tray back with 1 or 2 items missing - who ever guesses what's gone gets a small prize.
Also get pictures from comics or magazines (1 for each child) and cut into large jigsaw pieces ... give each child one oiece of jigsaw and then hide the other pieces in the room ... winner is child with a complete picture.
When my son was five I ordered some soft play. This kept them all entertained for the whole two hours (including the cake and the food) and they did not need or want any games.

Good luck
Thanks everyone for all the ideas, I think the pictures in the corners is something we can definately do.
( I knew you were a resourceful lot) xxx
............ sleeping lions! -lol! (that will keep em all quiet!) xxx
Id say defo a good half hour! - lol! Then play dead fishes, then sleeping dogs, cats, pigeons, the list goes on...... hehe x
One thing Id suggest is if you do pass the parcel put a small gift in between the layers (something like a wee 10p bag of Haribo) Ive found in the past kids get quite upset if they think theyre winning something only to find their not.

Also maybe buy a tin of sweets or something or a big bag, so that as kids are put out in games like Musical chairs etc they have a wee form of compensation

Having hosted parties for 4 - 7 year olds when I was a BB officer I found the wee things like that didnt half help stop strops and upsets when theyre out lol


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What about balloon burst. You could get a little prize for each child and on each prize put a raffle ticket then blow up some balloons and just before you tie up each baloon put the matching raffle tickets in. Get a child at a time to pop the baloon and what ever number they get they match up with the prize.
Apparently its not PC anymore to play games that involve elimination ( musical chairs etc) for the child getting a fear of rejection. Oh my god the world has gone mad !!!!!!!!!!!! ... who makes all these things up, I know it sounds hard but isn`t that all about growing up. there are times when we win and times when we lose, doesn`t it pay to learn how to lose gracefully , lol x ( no offence to anyone)
I know of some schools who don't do sports days anymore as its not fair on the children who lose or who aren't as sporty/fit as the other children, madness! its not like we say we're not going to practice reading/writing today as not everyone can do it........ political correctness has gone mad! xxx
My fave party game when I was a kid -

Get children to sit in a circle

Put a tray in the centre - put a knife and fork on it and a huge bar of dairy milk - still in its wrapper.

Next to the tray have a pair of adults gloves, a hat, a scarf and a coat

Get a big dice

The children take it in turns to throw the dice, when someone throws a 6 they have to run to the middle, put all the clothes on and then start to try and eat the bar of choc with the knife and fork, by taking the wrapper off with the cutlery, and then cutting pieces off it.

The rest of the kids carry on throwing the dice whilst this is going on and when the next 6 is thrown they have to stop take all the clothes off and the new child takes over.

It is absolutely hilarious as sometimes you get all the clothes on, pick up the knife and fork and go to dig in and before you get a chance to put the fork in your mouth the next person throws a six and you have to stop.

With a big enough bar of choc everyone gets a go so its quite inclusive, there is no "winner" as such - its such a great game and I've even played it as a drunken adult and its still a load of fun!!!!

Carol x

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