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Peppermint & Chocolate!!


Let’s do this!! d(*.*)b
S: 19st12lb G: 14st0lb
Just wanted to let u all know that I tried making the choc shake with peppermint tea instead of water and it was GOREGOUS!!!!!

Thank you so much to whoever posted that suggestion.:worthy:

Make the tea, leave the tea bag in for 10 mins and then let it cool.
Fabulous mint choc shake -- even smells so wonderful my bf had to try it!!:)
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If you have it hot it tastes just like options! Just had mine, was really nice esp as have freezing cold hands....yum!!!
I am so glad it was nice, i tried to get some peppermint today but they didn't have any, i will get some tommorow! Im excited lol

Did you have the full 8oz as peppermint? not too strong? mentioned it at my weigh in yesterday..she hadn't heard of it and was very impressed!

Great idea
To make a 1/2 pint one I do quarter pint peppermint tea and quarter pint water then add choc and mix....I find the tea is too weak to have an effect if I make a full mug and use that.
Cheers amanda i'll try that xx

Well done on your great loss lucky, u managed to keep it off then? x
All 8oz is tea? Is it not too string yuna? xx


Let’s do this!! d(*.*)b
S: 19st12lb G: 14st0lb
Sorry, is 8oz the same as 300ml??? That's how much I use for my shakes and nope, not too strong.......... for me.......

Mayb u should try it Amanda's way first
Hi Tracy,

The best thing for you to do is mess about with it until you have it right for you. I can tell by your posts you are realy nervous about this diet, (thanks for bumping up mini's refeed post BTW - my chemist is crap so that was really helpful!), just keep adding a bit until it tastes how you want it to.

Good luck with your lipotrim journey - you will soon be in the swing. I only started on 7th Jan and feel like a veteran now I have learnt that much on here!

Du know what you're right i seem so nervous don't i? lol I'm actually not to be honest i am 100% determined and adamant. I am a strong willed person but a bit sensitive at times and i suppose i should just not speak to other people and since my bro put a downer on me i just needed bumping back up again. You guys have done that thanku.

Aww we are like a little family! I'll swap you all for my pesimistic brother lol
Hmmmm, I'll take your brother if you take my nightmare teenager? :rolleyes:

Good luck with it - I am glad to hear that you are determined because really that is all it takes.

When I started (all of a whole 10 days ago!) lots of people had lots to say. The worst was actually my morbidly obese mate who told me it was unhealthy! She saw me for the first time today and saw how clear my skin is (all that water has to have a benefit!) and how much better I look and apologised bless her!

Just tune out the detractors and imagine the bikini you will soon be wearing...just think at the mo you will get lots of funny looks because of your diet. Then imagine all the admiring looks you will get when the fabulous slim you appears - works everytime for me!:p

PS - race you to goal weight...I have just notice how similar our weight to lose is :D
It is about the only thing you can have!!!!! It is a "leaf" tea, which we are permitted. It does make a nice change I have to say...esp if like me you only like two out of the whole four :)rolleyes:) flavours!

Trixie Firecracker

A Work In Progress
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Cool, I'll have to try that sometime then! :)

I have to admit though, whenever I made Vanilla "lattes" I always felt as though I was cheating by adding the coffee and sweetener, so i used to save them for treats. Damned tasty though!
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What? You felt like you were cheating? Talk about masochistic! I know they forward lipotrim as a a sort of food rehab -but the way i see it is we should be able to enjoy food!!! just not in the quantities as we have been. Its about re-learning good food habits. I'm getting weighed tomorrow after a week of 'cheating' so I'll let you know if I think it hinders the diet in anyway. :)
Yeah your right Amanda we seem very similar in our weight! I'll get to bikini sexy if you will? hahaha xx

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