Step2 810kcal pickled onions


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Zozozela said:
Hello all
Does anyone know if we can eat pickled onions? Spring onions are mentioned on the plan, but not pickled but I know you can use vinegar as a salad dressing.
My CWC wasn't sure but couldn't see why not - just wondered if anyone knew.

I'm not sure either but I definitely would like to find out. If your allowed onion and pickled cabbage (I think, were allowed picked something) then what's the difference.

Ooh how exciting. I love love looove picked onions!!

Lynne - 79.5lbs down 16lbs to go... :)


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Me too, I thought they would be q good low cal and carb option for when I just need to crunch something; not so good for the breath though :)


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It specifies pickled cabbage in the book but not pickled onions so I'd steer clear of anything that's not in the book :)