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This is my year!
Oh wow! Thank you so much, my 2 sons had an evening with mates left pizza in the kitchen and temptation got the better of me.

I was so badly regretting eating that 100g pizza, but now it doesn't seem so bad. :sigh:

I've had to hide the box in the oven to avoid the rest! lol


Thanks again Beegee
I would look at the nutritional information on the box to be honest, the syn value you have is a generic value, different branded pizzas will vary hugely in syns.

There will be no free food allowance, as pizza doesnt qualify for any, so work out the syns by using the 1 syn for every 20 calories for the serving you had, and then you can minus 6 syns for your cheese. Although I am not sure if Slimming World recommend doing this. I know you can deduct 6 syns from a ready made sandwich if the bread is wholewheat, but it doesn't say anywhere in the SW documentation that you can do this for any other Healthy extras.


This is my year!
100g was nearly a slice, I took the crust part of and weighed it.
I'm gonna keep this as 12.5 syns done for today.

I'm proud of me, I give myself a pat on the back cos I never went back for more.

Thank you britmumincanada


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