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Plaese can someone give a good fool-proof (me proof haha) explanation of EE vs M2M?


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I would love a good detailed explanation of EE vs Mix 2 Match as I am a looooooooong time Original Day user (with a slight smattering of greenies). Now aaages ago someone tried to explain M2M to me and I was like :confused: and now i'm back here again.

Today for lunch I am having a green recipe cheese, spinach and potato pie and this evening we are going to have baked trout with SW chips and mushy peas.

Am I doing EE or M2M. I have had no HEs at all as yet as am going to class tonight to find out what I can and can't have as my HEs.

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Sounds like you're doing EE to me...but depending!

EE is when you mix original and green free foods in the same meal, but only have one HE-A and one HE-B a day. So although you're having a green lunch, by having trout and potatoes in the same meal tonight, that makes it EE.

The cheese in your lunch will be HE-A...either one or two depending on how much. That will determine whether you're doing EE or M2M.

If the cheese is 1xHe-A, then you can do EE, which means you can mix as much fish and potatoes at dinner as you like.

Now, if the cheese in your lunch is 2xHE-As, you will do M2M. Your dinner could be either a red meal (count the potatoes as 1 or 2 HE-B) or green meal (count the fish as 1 or 2 HE-B)...and that would mean you were just on a green day.

M2M is when you switch between red and green meals in the same day. You get both As and Bs. Any snacks you have must be free foods.

Or you can syn the cheese in your lunch recipe, then you can do EE...and still have your B choice available!

Is that clear at all?!?!? LOL!
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I'd say you're doing a green day with trout as your HEX B.


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My understanding is this
Extra Easy

1 HEA choice per day
1 HEB choice per day

Your meals will be a mixture of red and green foods in the same meal (i.e. for lunch I am having chicken and ham egg fried rice) but a third of your meal 'should' be superfree foods. You still get the same amount of syns to spend each day but you take the lowest syn value if it would differ from red-green.

Mix 2 Match

2xHEA choice
2xHEB choice

I've never followed this but my understanding is that you stick to a particular plan for your meals i.e. green breakfast (baked beans, tomatoes, mushrooms, fried egg, HEB of bacon), red lunch (chicken breast with salad and HEA of cheese), red dinner (steak with veg and HEB of jacket potato). Or any variation of red and green meals. You also still have your syns to spend but I'm guessing that you would take the amount for whichever plan you are following so I'm not sure how that goes for snacks in between meals that have a different syn value.


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I never got my head round M2M! That's why I like EE! A simple plan for simple people!


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Is three different meals a day which you pick which one you want to do every meal either red or green, you still have 2 hex's a + b's but when you do syn stuff you have to go with the higher syn. If you hungry inbetween these three meals you have to have super food / orange pages in book thats it or obviously some syns. Ive done this and not had great weight loss but i think i didnt syn the higher tbh as i forgot about that rule


Same as what everyone is telling you 1 hex's of each, lower syn value and i only have three meals of both red and green, not sure if you can eat inbetween ie free food or if its gotta be orange section outta book

sorry not much help but ive done both of these they are on the diary section if you want to have a nosey :)


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I like M2M because I like having 2 HEXs and usually snack on superfree food anyway. It's also good for those days when I have different things in the freezer or if I change my mind through the day and want to have a different meal.

But basically for me, I'm a HEX hog and that's why I like it! LOL

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