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Plans for new year!!!

Def plan to be back on 100% EE / Green from 1st January.

No plans for exercise yet - one thing at a time.

Work & Personal Life resolution is to get a bit harder and refuse to be anyones doormat.
At work only I will take credit for my hard work, and I will learn to say 'no' instead of 'maybe' and caving, then feeling guilty when I have too much to do.

I have already printed a housework rota for me and OH.

To try and exercise on my cross trainer for 20 mins 3 times a week (as well as walking my dog which I have got used to now so can't really count it as exercise any more)
To get under my target weight and possibly reduce my target, but we shall see about that one.
To stick to EE to make life easy for myself and not have to plan red/green.
I aim to start walking again, either at the evening after work or on my lunchtime. Weather permitting I'm going to cycle to work.

Regarding my weight I know I'll get to target, I'm so close now it would be daft to give up.

Persuade OH to go back to India 2011, yep I know a long way ahead, but I do need to plan & save up :D

I don't make other NY resolutions in fact I don't really make them.


Mad old Bat with Attitude
Get back on plan Jan 1st and reach target, tho I haven't actually decided exactly what that will be yet.
Exercise 4 times a week on my Wii.
Grow as much of my own veg as I can.
I'm going to get on the plan properly come the first of Jan. Plan meals in advance, ONLY buy what's needed food wise. And dust off the old Biggest Loser and Jillian Michaels dvds.
I can feel the sore muscles already!
Well im restarting tonight as a newbie as not been to class for over 6 weeks, but this time im sticking to ee no matter if dont lose cos surely i cant put on :).

2010, im setting a plan in action, going gym once a week, swimming at least twice, walking the dog as i dont do (when not slipping everywhere) cos she a beast lol, get off butt in day and do the housework every day, prepare meals so ready for everyone, also doing more on wii while they at school, stop worrying about everything and just chill more and after all that enjoy myself and take kids out more often when i have spare cash.

phew ive done now lol


Slow but sure....
Getting back to my SW journey on January 1st, and to lose as much weight as I can in 2010.

Also looking forward to my son coming home in 2010, he has been in New Zealand and Australia since November 2007, so I am longing for a bear hug off him.
diet plans = stick to SW like glue from 1 Jan!!!
exercise plans = try to do more - but introduce it gradually.....im not wasting money on a gym sub that i will never use!! i dont have the gym bunny gene.....yuk!!!

good luck everyone with your resolutions! x
Aww its nice to see you all thinking so positive :) Lets go Girls :)!!
This souns funny but im re starting on the 4th Jan. new years day im making a massive dinner for me and OH, then its the weekend! so as from Monday the 4th going back to slimming world going dancing at least once a week and going back to my gym in Feb its £125 for 6 months which works out at about £5 a week :) thats 2 pints id rather do the gym :) so how much do we all wanna loose before the 1st of Feb?? i wanna loose 7lb a month

Lianna 7lb
2010 will be the year I get to target- I have 2 more stone to lose and don't care how long it takes
Next aim is to learn maintenance
Goal outside SW is like Lucky 7- I am going to stop allowing myself to be walked over by friends or family and understand that it is not my job to fix everything and everyone- people are old enough to make their own choices in life, and therefore they must face up to the consequences

I suppose I should also think about doing more exercise, but I wanna keep it realistic lol

Happy New Year all
For me I'm going to get to target in 2010 - I've got until my 30th at the end of September. And I'm going to get my Body Magic stickers too! Have dusted off the mini trampoline and going to jump about like a loon a few times a week to my ipod!!! I'm also going to start running as I'd like to run the Race for Life this year xx

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