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please change the bar formular


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What side effects are you talking about?



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Pandora - what trouble are you having, hun?

Some people find that the bars slow down their weightloss, some people find that the bars act as a laxative.

Personally, I find that one bar a day helps prevent constipation so I'm happy with that!

If you are experiencing discomfort, then perhaps you shouldn't have the bars for a couple of weeks and see how you get on.



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i find them user friendly...they just arent very friendly to anyone within a mile radius of me! ....the wind ... :eek:


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I must be one of the lucky ones as I don't have any side effects.

I love having my bar every day makes me feel normal to chew something.

I cut them up into as many pieces as I can and nibble for what seems ages :)


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I have to confess to having none of those windy side effects either!! I really enjoy the bars too. I have a shake for brekkie (about 11/12), a bar about 2/3 and soup/tetra ice cream about 7pm .. and lots of water in between!! Makes it into 3 distinct meals for me .. going to experiment next week (as I'm moving to 790) with FOOD and mousses/jelly etc ... time for a bit of variety!!


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I don't have a wind problem with the bars although hadn't had one for 10 days and did have one late last night. Well, this morning, I had the worst diarrohea of my life! I even had to make alternative plans for school run today! But may well be a bug - hope so, as I have loads of bars left!


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Nope, I didn't have any side effects either :)


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thats so unfair! well for me it is, not for u lot, obviously lol


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No side effects from me either:)


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I can only eat the bars in the evening at home when I'm not going out as they have the same effect on me as Karen - really, really loud, smelly wind.... :eek: :eek: :eek: so unpleasant!! Also make my tum really gurgly too.... shame really as I like all of them.... find the Malt Toffee is worst..... so only under the cover of darkness when no visitors expect for me....LOL

Mind you OH does say I keep him warm at night.......if not a little unconsious.....LOL:D :eek:


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No side effects for me - unless I eat 2 .... then it's only gurgly tummy.

Would like some more flavours though. Mint one with dark choc, or flapjack one without any choc.


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I chop the malt toffee one into bits and divide into 2 pots and put in fridge. last ages, try and convince myself they are chocolates.. side effects - yep.. major tummy gurgles, laxative (which I see as a plus as long as I am at home!) and smelly flatulence.. just goes to show... every one has their own physiological reactions to what goes in... that goes some way to explain why some lucky barstewards can eat til the cows come home and the rest of us have to eat like the feckin' cows!

(i'd like a bar that's like a bounty bar please)


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Hi have you tried the cranberry bars? They have a different composition and don't contain polyols which are probably what's causing the trouble. They are the only ones that gives me no nasty side effects and they taste great.



i adore the orange bars and have had them for the past 8 weeks at 1 per day. but i didnt stick to cd last :break_diet: week and when ive gone back on it this week the bars have given my a very a upset tummy:cry: . been to see my cdc this morning (lost 6lb so there might be a bonus effect:) ) and she advised me to lay off the orange bars this week, so i took malt toffee which i havent had before now, just having my first 1 and its quite scrummy!


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i had a bar last night & spent all night with gripping stomach pains & offensive wind, you know the pain you grt with trapped wind, but obviously its not trapped !!


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I am very lucky then, no side effects other than I find they give me a metal taste in my mouth, especially the orange ones!


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So far i have tried peanut crunch, toffee and carmel and i liked them all. No nasty side effects but i am not sure yet if they are slowing down my weight loss. I will find out on my next weigh in on Monday. If they are no more bars for me:sigh: