PLEASE - Ditch the scales, I beg you!

all well in theory lol and sounds great and is fab advice but in reality thats a very hard thign to do, i know i never go on my scales unless im dieting, its human nature to want to see if you have lost weight each day, re training your brain to think the way you say would be hard,
i like getting on the scales each day and seeing i have lost, lol if i havnt i dont get too despondant, and when i reach goal, i will like to keep an eye on my weight so i know that if i go up a few pounds i can rein in, i dont wear tight clothes even when i was slim, so i wont be able to judge it that way lol,
I think this is a great post!
i mustt admit im a scales addict,BUT when I start LL Im going to make changes

I must admit the scales do me no good as I weigh myself daily when dieting and my loss usually only show up at then end of the week......BUT.........I still weigh myself daily get disappointed at no loss even though I know it willprobs '' be there in a couple of days ?I suppose its giving us black and white evidence that our diet plan is working?

I think i'll give my scales to my mum shes just lost 4 stone nearly and is at target via weightwatchers!

;) xxc
Ann x
I always weighed every single day. It kept me going.

Even maintaining, I weigh daily as research has shown you are more likely to keep to goal weight if you do.

Of course, if it takes your eye off the ball, then that's a different story:rolleyes:
I speak from vast, and painful experience. Daily weighing (whilst trying to lose weight) in my opinion, is not helpful.
When you're at goal, however, I think regular weighing becomes a good thing. This is something I have to learn. Before, when I have lost weight, I have stopped weighing (or being weighed) and the weight has been put back on by stealth, as it were. NOT THIS TIME.
It's like everything else though, what suits one, doesn't suit another, you have to find your own way.
Ann x
INLOKO, my head tells me you are so right and heart has me hopping on and off the bl****y scales every morning and evening.
I am going to try to free myself, but the trouble is I don't trust mysefl not to put straight back what I have lost. A,m I a lost cause? Probably!
I know what you're saying and do agree that we shouldnt be a slave to the scales but i like weighing myself. :)
I'm not obsessed by it and am fully aware it doesnt tell you the whole truth about how you are doing with your journey but for me it helps keep me motivated.

You are exactly right they are a tool - not the be all and end all. :)
great post - i have ended my scale addiction and now only weigh twice a week - once with my counsellor at lighter life and the other time just before I go to see her so I am aware and not surprised!
I am at my ideal weight but obviously now increasingly worried about gaining weight but the weekly weigh in keeps me in check!
WHilst on the diet I was on & off the scales 3 or 4 times a day - I was truly obsessed - but the one positive thing it taught me was that weight fluctuates dramatically within the same hour on the same day and the weight captured on the scales at that time is not a true indication of fat loss!
This is interesting.

I LOVE weighing myself every day, first thing in the morning. When i'm away i feel lost without knowing how much i way for that day.

The result on the scales is a great motivator for keeping me on the right track.

I could never not weigh every day - i think i'd pile the weight on!

I have heard that weighing yourself every day (at the same time of day) actually gives you double the chance of keeping the weight off compared to someone who just does it once a week.

However, weighing yourself more than once a day is plain stupidity.