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please please please


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I hate it when it's dark all day and grey and miserable. It makes me want to eat rubbish! It was lovely yesterday, very sunny and it really cheered me up but its back to wet grey weather today.
Yes - and I've got some new shoes that really do need the sun to come out before I can wear them. Although, it would be lovely not to have to wear so many layers too!!
Me too, we've actually got a bit of sun in Livingston today but it is still freezing! Roll on summer


Wishing and hoping!
Bring on the sunshine, I hate this cold whether, especially the wind which gives me a bloody head freeze. Also at night I get munchies and with the temptation of food ads :(. I want summer so I don't want to eat as much :)


a new way of living!
Oh no, not more snow! argh! We moved to 'sunny' devon in october and since then it has done nothing but snow, rain or be windy. I live in Okehampton and found out a few weeks after moving in that the locals call it soakhampton! casue its always raining! booo hoooo! its not fair!

my body aches this time of year too, I have fibromyaglia and the cold weather really exacerbates my symptoms.

still using my electric blanket most nights.

awwwww, (picture little toddler having a tantrum stamping feet) I want sunshiiiiinnnnneeeeee!


a new way of living!
:( I was supposed to be going home to the midlands tomorrow for the weekend, but they have had such snow its looking like I'll be staying home. (feel a childish stomping 'its not fair' session coming on)

does anyone know a sun dance we can all do at the same time and maybe we'll get a sunshine answer?? ;)


Slow but sure....
My husband is in Australia at the moment and I speak to him twice a day and he keeps telling me how hot it is there 38/40 degree's every day.

I shall get my own back when he eventually arrives home to our bitterly cold temperatures.....


a new way of living!
lol, my sw consultant is in dubai at the moment, grrr, i'll save them all a snow ball!

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