Points Help please - Plain Boiled Basmati Rice?

Discussion in 'Weight Watchers - Discover Plan Points' started by scattykookie, 15 January 2010 Social URL.

  1. scattykookie

    scattykookie Well-Known Member


    how many points are plain boiled basmati rice and also how much should I be having weight wise e.g what constitutes a decent sized portion...I'm used to have a big plateful and obviously that isn't an option now but was thinking with a 0 poiny home made curry I might be able to have a bit more rice...;)

    many thanks in advance, just started this week and trying to do this on my own - with a lot of help from this site.

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  3. CookiesnCream

    CookiesnCream Well-Known Member

    The Shopping Guide says:

    Rice, White, cooked,1 medium portion, 150g 3points

    If you can tell me the name and brand of rice you are using, then I'll check it for you. I tried looking up Basmati Rice myself last week, and couldn't find it, but I guess white rice is the same thing!
  4. scattykookie

    scattykookie Well-Known Member

    Thanks - I am using Sainsbury's Basmati Rice - 50g dry weight is 176 calories 0.0 saturated fat.

    40grams dry weight makes 100grams cooked weight typically.

    thanks again.
  5. CookiesnCream

    CookiesnCream Well-Known Member

    Strangely enough Sainsburys Basmati Rice isn't in the Shopping Guide!!! That was the rice I looked up a few weeks ago and couldn't find! lol
    Well there is this in the Shopping Guide:
    Sainsburys 2 minute meals
    Basmati Rice, 1 pouch, 250g 6.5points!!!!!!

    But using the values you gave me and using the points finder, it works out as
    50g: 176cals 0g sat fat 2.5points
  6. G-Man

    G-Man ٩(●˛•̃)۶

    I use tesco Basmati rice, the boil in the bag stuff and each bag (125g) contains 6pts.
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  7. scattykookie

    scattykookie Well-Known Member

    thanks everyone - old_before_i_die I have ordered some boil in the bag sainsbury's ones so will see how I get on when shopping arrives tomorrow.
  8. ChubLock

    ChubLock Well-Known Member

    I never knew it was so high in points.

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