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You can get a serving size from the pack. Basically that's a recommended amount per person. However Green days mean you can have as much as you want, but eat to feel full not to burst!


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No amount recommended you are supposed to eat only untill you are full ! not untill you get to the bottom of the dish. When I first started I ate so much I thought I would explode but I soon learned to listed to the signal to stop.So eat till you are full not eat until you fill up


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Yep, eat until you are full and not stuffed - it's about training the body/brain really.
I look at the serving suggestion size on the pack for pasta and rice and add about 25% (cos I is a piggy) and it's a good portion for me!


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I made the same mistake when I started SW, I used to eat far too much, rice and pasta and I'd have a huge Jacket potato.

But now after 2 months I can tell just by looking what will be a good portion for me without me feeling like an 'over stuffed' sofa when I've finished eating..... Phew!!!

I'm terrible at portion control, which is why I think I could never lose on Green. I find on Red days the meat is really filling, and I have a limited amount of carbs (which is always plenty!).

Sometimes now I have a Green meal, but limit myself to the amount of pasta/potatoes I would have on a Red day. Then I fill up my plate with the superfree foods, such as quorn bolognaise/sausages/chilli and vegetables. I find this helps to keep my portions in check and helps me maintain my target weight.


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I have found these comments helpful, thank you, as I had a similar query to tweety. Also felt quite gluttonous stuffing my chubby-cheeked face with carbs galore on a green day despite them being free.

I'm hopeful now that, although I may go slightly OTT in the first couple of weeks of SW in response to it being the only diet I know of where food isn't restricted, I will soon learn to listen to my tummy when it says "no more, please, i'l pop!" instead of my head.

Thanks again :)

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