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Portsmouth Meet 2010


Gotta Make A Change
Possibly be up for it.

** Just Jools **

Slow & steady does it!!!!
Count me in.


Eloquent hooligan
Blimey - I followed a link from the Lipotrim section to here & the 1st post is about a meeting in Portsmouth... must be serendipity :)

I'd be up for that as I'm a Southsea lad (Somerset by birth, Brummie for most of my life & have been in Portsmouth since 1995 :) )
I'd be up for it.....haven't a clue if i could or couldn't make it yet, but would know nearer the time.x
see sam i had right idea just put it in wrong place :)

As to dates female would be good for starters boom boom (the jokes wont get any better but my bmi will)

i believe you mark, thousands wouldn't you know. mark can you PM mine doesn't appear to work
I think we need to reach 50 posts before we can pm sam i look forward to clearing my next 25 then i will stop by and say hello :)
i reckon we can just have a weeeee convo in here. how is your diet going i am on my first day ps how far are you from postmouth....
Im on my third day and so far so good i got a couple of the symptoms like mild headache if i dont keep drinking i have also noticed my sleep pattern has already changed :) im just over an hour away from portsmouth in swindon not a bad little drive :)
well if you do come this way be sure to let me know as i know where all the best black coffee and water supplies are :)
water up north is softer and tastes a lot better. i miss the tap water back home if i am honest

my pm doesn't seem to be working boooo hoooo
if your trying to pm me i need to hit my 50 posts :) sorry i will try andcatch up :)
im actually feeling really good been busy today so yook my mind off things :) nearly at 50 :)

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