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Pot noodle in a mug

Pot Noodle Co, Pot Noodle in a Mug, Spicy Curry, dried, 42g sachet EE - Free, Red - 7, Green - Free

Pot Noodle Co, Pot Noodle in a Mug, Chinese Chicken, dried, 38g sachet EE - Free, Red - 6½, Green - Free

Pot Noodle Co, Pot Noodle in a Mug, Tomato & Herb, dried , 44g sachet EE - Free, Red 7½, Green Free

Pot Noodle Co, Pot Noodle in a Mug, Roast Chicken, dried, 39g sachet EE - 1, Red - 7, Green - 1
Re other threads I've just been on - don't eat too many of the Free stuff too freely, especially these, as they are still quite calorific, and you should choose to snack on superfree food first.

See "Common Misconceptions" thread. Lots of useful advice there.

All comes down to the grand old "everything in moderation" saying again!
It's hard to believe it's a 'diet' isn't it?

I like the way it teaches you to change your habits. It won't be long until you naturally go for fruit etc before anything else without thinking.

This time round (there have been several 'rounds' over the last 10 years!) it has really clicked with me that 'if I have this, then I'd best not have that'.

I have always had a really good appetite so restricting food doesn't work with me, I need to learn new habits rather than starve myself!
Just trying the free Chinese Chicken one.

Observations - not the colour on the packet and not a thing like a real pot noodle.

May have to bring some soy sauce to the office to add in for that authentic pot-noodle-ness.
Bachelors pot shots..... I've not discovererd these!!
Are these mainly free on green??
I love all these wee snack type things......godsend!!
I had ones of these for lunch, the spicy curry one, I love the original spicy curry pot noodles so assumed I would like this! went far too soggy and was totally disgusting lol

I will be sticking with mugshots from now on, I saw those pot shots the other day and wondered about them, how many sysn are they??
Pasta Pot Shots Syns

Chicken - 1
Creamy Cheese - 1.5
Roast Vegetable - 0.5
Tomato & Herb - Free

Noodle ones;
As above Mild Curry and Sweet & Sour are free.
Chicken ones are 1.0 syns

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