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Pot noodle Syns?

Discussion in 'Syn Values' started by Vintagegirl, 29 September 2010 Social URL.

  1. Vintagegirl

    Vintagegirl Member

    Hello! I havent been on here for ages as i forgot my loggin details doh. Does anyone know how many syns a chow mein pot noodle is on extra easy with slimming world please?

    Would be great if anyone does. Thanks :)
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  3. Vintagegirl

    Vintagegirl Member

    Also how do we get our awards in our signature?
  4. Vintagegirl

    Vintagegirl Member

    I can only get one of my awards in my signature as it says its too long? But others seems to have massive signatures? Do i have to be over a certain amount of posts to have a longer one?
  5. Circes

    Circes Strutting her stuff

  6. *honey

    *honey Well-Known Member

    couldnt find chow mein, but they range from 4 to 7.5syns per pot on EE. the average was 6.5.
    Pot noodles are high for what they are. Try Batchelors Supernoodles to go, they are FREE on GREEN and EE
  7. shell_y

    shell_y Well-Known Member

  8. Vintagegirl

    Vintagegirl Member

    ahh i see. thank you very much to u all. will look for mug shots and the supernoodles
  9. Starlight

    Starlight Well-Known Member

  10. Vintagegirl

    Vintagegirl Member

    Sorry i didnt know there was a syn section. Will post there from now on. If i come on again
  11. rumbletummy

    rumbletummy Well-Known Member

    Have you tried the Pot Noodle in a mug Chow Mein flavour? The spicy curry one is free but not sure about the Chow Mein, sure someone here will be able to point it for you xx
  12. Anniewillo

    Anniewillo Anniewillo

    I cant find Pot noodle in a Mug anywhere. :-/

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  13. dollydoodah

    dollydoodah Active Member

    Asda sell them (can't find them in my local Tesco) but they are in the soups section and not near the pot noodles and pasta. Confused me no end.
  14. GothGoddess

    GothGoddess Time to start again!

    Have you tried home bargins? They had mug shots in ours at 29p per pack... Well worth stocking up... xx

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  15. Anniewillo

    Anniewillo Anniewillo

    That's why I can't find them lol. Or the cottage cheese..... Which is no longer in the CHEESE section. ..... But in the SALAD section :rolleyes:

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  16. Laura_carlburgess

    Laura_carlburgess Well-Known Member

    Mug shots for 29p bargain going to have to get myself down there :) x

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