im so happy over 2 stone gone and can finally walk for a good amount of time!


hello i posted here in march asking for help with my back pain
i was in hospital for 5 months and put on 5 stone causing me to balloon up to 22 stone 10 lbs
ive been on slimming world for a few months and lost over 2 stone so far
i was unable to walk if i walked for 3 minutes id be in incredible pain
id wait in the car while my mother went shopping in shops
and was miserable.. now i can walk around the shops we went to ikea and i walked all around without stopping
big improvement from a couple months ago i walked around a shop for 45 minutes and didnt feel any pain
im so happy i could jump up and down!
i saw a doctor and he said losing weight would not help my back pain and that it will never go away
before going into hospital i never ever experienced back pain and knew it was because i put on so much weight
now that ive lost a decent bit my pain is gone i havent walked longer than 45 minutes im not sure if my pain would be there
but im so happy i can walk for 45 minutes and i cant wait to get even more weight off!
thought id share my story in case someone is struggling with pain and needed some comfort
Congratulations, Mikaa. Such good news.

l've found Bob & Brad on youtube. They may have exercises that can help you strengthen your back and core. l like the fact they show how to do exercises at all levels of fitness.