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Preparing to start CD

Hey Carol, well done for cutting down on the carbs! Im (re)starting tomorrow and have done the opposite and pigged out in preparation for months without them! Oops, best get on the water sharpish methinks!

Low carb food- well I would recommend the stuff that CD allow you to eat on AAM, so things like chicken, white fish, cottage cheese, green veg, mushrooms etc. You could do chicken and mushroom skewers with cabbage or something like that maybe? If you want any other tips give me a shout xx
Thanks wannabslim. Chicken and Mushroom skewers sound yummy. Well Done on your weight loss so far, I cant wait to start seeing loses (fingers crossed). I'm actually really looking foward to starting CD, but I'm not sure how I'm going to cope without carbs, as I'm already craving bread!

im starting on tuesday but unlike you im stuffing my face (im fully prepared to suffer going into ketosis, im stocked up on painkillers lol)

keep in touch we can be buddies!


To infinity and beyond!
SNAP!! Just had a lovely pizza :D Have decided to say I'm starting tomorrow, sounds more positive than re-starting.

Good luck with everybody's starts.
I'm not being that good, just cutting down on carbs. I had ice cream earlier, and I never eat ice cream. It's ridiculous that because I know I'm not going to eat properly for a while that I crave things I wouldn't normally eat. Why does food control me so much?


To infinity and beyond!
Whoop whoop half an hour to go til I (re)start- think i might call it just start rather than restart as well as you hun, sounds more positive, and the first time round i didnt feel half as excited as i do now, so "start" it is!

Had a WHOPPING 800 CALORIE choc sundae, altho it wasnt that nice so threw half away- no point eating it if it tastes yucky is there!? Im all ready to go, but my god am I gonna miss my fizzy drinks!! Im stocked up on coke zero and sweetners for my black tea, so hopefully that should deal with any cravings in that department. Other than that, Im totally positive about this and CANNOT wait!!!

Go us! xx


The Diet Guy
Go for it all of you ! Just remember that water is the key to this diet and is your lifeline in getting through the first week.

Just remember that the first week is the toughest bit of the diet so stay strong and punch through to next weekend and then you will have the lovely duvet of ketosis to protect you from hunger and then it's a quick trip to being slim.

Don't think you can do it, know you will do it.



To infinity and beyond!
Hope everybody's 'new starts' are going well. Feeling positive, although not had a good weigh in with new CDC (posted details in new thread)

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