My CD Diary - starting Fri 22 July 2022


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Starting CD tomorrow (22nd July 2022)

I plan on using this thread to keep accountability.

Starting weight is 17st 10lbs

I'm someone who used junk food as a comfort, feeling down 'have a cake', feeling stressed 'have some crisps', feeling happy 'have a mcdonalds'. I loved nothing more than an overfilled bowl of pasta with a whole garlic baguette washed down with cans of cola or binge on sharing sized bags of crisps and biscuits.

Finally the reality of eating this way has caught up with me. I feel permanently tired, my skin looks terrible, my body is carrying over 6 stones of excess weight and I get breathless carrying it around. I recently lost 2 stones (was 19st 10lbs at the start of the year). But it's been a slow process with my appetite to overeat and succumb to junk food taking over at points.

I'm hoping that the CD will help me curb overeating and put me on track to move along the steps picking up healthy eating habits after a reset. I know it's not going to be easy so this diary will serve as a reminder on hard days that I've gotten through a day before.