Prezzo syns please? :-)


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Hi can't help sorry. I too am off to prezzo next week but am veggie and don't like chilli. Not sure whether to go for the goats cheese flatbread from light choices which I have calculated roughly at 24syns. Or the fusilli con bufala.

It's quite hard and not sure whether pasta is free as fresh pasta isn't. Wondering if maybe I try and calculate the sins on that.


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clair-bear said:
Hi all does anyone know the syn value of spaghetti arrabbiata half pasta dish from prezzos please? On a green day cheers :)

There are 379 calories in the whole dish, which is not too bad for a main meal. If the pasta is a dried pasta , a 75g portion is about 270 calories. So estimating it would be about 100-110 calories outstanding on a green day - about 5-5.5


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