prices of Mix a mousse and water flavouring ?


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looking at my sheet of prices from my CDC, the MAM is £4.26 and the water flavours are £6.70, but am sure the CDC prices vary as they do with bars and shakes


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Mine are £5 each - I wish I'd never bought the MAM as I can't do at all


please try again
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i pay £5 for MAM and £7 for water flavorings


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I think mine are £4.95 each.

Stokegal.... what's wrong with your MAM? Are you mixing the MAM powder with your shake powder first? Let us know what's wrong with it and I may know how to fix it, believe me, I've made every mistake going with MAM!! ;)


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oooohhhh my CDC charges £7 for everything. i bought some more ketosticks today at Tesco pharmacy for a fiver


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Cant see the mam but the flavouring is £6.70 how much do you get in it is it a lot might get some to try.
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