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Princes Stewed Steak

id say 6 1/2 using the good old 20cals = 1 syn rule :D x


Losin the baby weight :-)
It must have some free food allowance in there though surely??? :confused:
couldnt tell you to be honest hun but in my book it says

stewed steak in gravy, canned per 100g is 2.5 red and 8.0 on green xx


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syns on line says 4 syns on red and ee and 26 on green

cathie x


Losin the baby weight :-)
Thank you! Do you know if that's per 100g Cathie or for the full 410g?? Ta x


Always trying!
Katerpillar said:
Does anyone know syn value of this please?

Per 100g
Cal - 128
Protein - 16.8
Carb - 4.0
Fat - 5.0
Fibre - trace
Sodium - 0.6

Thank you in advance :D
Hi Katerpiller

Just to let u know that Sainsburys do a tin of stewed steak that's 0 syns on EE or on a red day. Just thought I might be able to help save you some syns! x


Losin the baby weight :-)
Free? Oooooo, thank you!!!! Sounds much better than 4 syns-worth!!! :D :D

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