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Problems sleeping anyone?


I am week 8, I go into week 9 tomorrow and I can't wait! :eek:

I just wondered if anyone else has problems sleeping through the night?

I am so tired all the time but I just never seem to get a good nights sleep. I wake every two hours and need the toilet (which I am sure is not helping).

I have always slept right through the night and am finding it so hard because I just don't feel like I am getting enough beauty sleep (and I need all I can get).

It doesn't matter what time I go to bed or what temp the room is etc. I still wake more or less on the dot every two hours and am having the most horrible vivid dreams

Is anyone else experiencing this? Please help! :confused:
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Hi Betty,

I can't say I have had any trouble sleeping since being on LL. Seem to be very tired at night.

Do you think it is the need for the toilet that is waking you up? If so maybe stop drinking your water earlier in the evening.

Sorry I can't help more.

I hope you sort it out soon, there is nothing worse than not getting enough sleep.
Hi Betty,

I have this problem too when in ketosis, i think it may be one of the side effects, but only affects some this way. I am buzzing when in ketosis, need hardly any sleep, and don't feel tired from it! Weird! I remember others saying the same thing too!


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I've also slept fine while doing this. I did get up to wee in the early hours earlier in the programme but that soon stopped. I'm sleeping fine though.

Me too !!

Sometimes have trouble actually falling asleep. Other times fall asleep then wake in the early hours and am buzzing and can't get back to sleep for a few hours. Have also had vivid drems. Last night was vivid and lovely coz dreamt I was going out with Mark King (Level 42) so was really happy ! LOL ! Showing my age ! V.x.

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I am getting to sleep ok at nights, but wake really early in the morning.
I am making sure I drink most of my water before about 8.30pm, but always get up to go to the loo at least once before I fall asleep, even though I went before going to bed.
My dreams are quite vivid also, which is unusual for me.
I seem to have to opposite problem - sleep heavily (more heavily than i have in a while) and when i wake my eyes are literally hard to open !! However, I am having very vivid dreams - some good some bad, but then I don't wake up for very long - just long enough to register it WAS a dream and then I am off again - at least my OH tells me my snoring is improving - it used to sound like a train in the bedroom apparently!!!! LOL.
I try to take minimal liquids for the last two hours before bed and find this helps with number of loo breaks.
Hi Betty Boo Have you bought any new trousers yet !!!!!!!
Hope your ok c u next week LOL Pam xxx
Hi all,

Thank you for your replies. It is interesting how some people sleep more and some less and how some of you are having vivid dreams.

I try not to drink for at least 2 hours before I go to bed but it still does not make a difference. It's odd because I wake up at near enough the same minute on the same hours and am up so early whether I go to bed late or early, very strange, perhaps it's the weather. I do like the sun and I do like the heat. Roll on summer.

Chuckie, no I have not bought any new trousers yet. I refuse to buy any clothes until I am at my target weight. I have loads in my wardrobe which I am too scared to get out but I have decided this is the week and I have to do it.

You WILL see me in some other trousers this week. I'm looking forward to the next meeting, we are in week 10, I cant wait.
Hi Betty Boo,
How did the trying on session go ? I bet you have found that some of your clothes are now way too big for you as you are doing so well....
Glad to hear you're feeling more positive it comes across in your message. You should be really proud of yourself, just remember it takes alot of guts and will power to do this diet so look just how far you've come.. We have such a great thursday group, i think we are very lucky to have all bonded so well and we all look out for each other...I know i couldn't have come this far without all your support.. have a good wekk cu thursday
Pam xx


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Yeah I did at first but only cos of weeing Betty.
I slept more soundly in between the toilet trips though if that makes sense?
Hello Pam,

The trying on trouser experience did not go well (hence I started a new thread). The week was going ok, then on Sunday I thought right lets do it. Opened the door and pulled out all my trousers and went through them. Although I fit into the two smaller size trousers for work, they are very tight around the bum and hips and I feel uncomfortable in them, plus feeling uncomfortable and stressed causes me to bloat.

They have gone straight back in the wardrobe and will not come out until I have lost more weight!! I did'nt think my measurements were great last week and I think that proves although I have lost weight, I haven't lost as many inches as I had hoped since the last time.

I too think we have a great Thursday bunch and am so pleased we have all bonded as we have, I actually look forward to seeing everyone more than anything else I think.

I shall see you tomorrow.

Hi Pixie,

Thanks for your response, I suppose I may too be sleeping better inbetween trips to the loo. Just wish I could get a little more.


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