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problems with Toilet while following Slimming world?


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I have wondered the same thing I would have thought with the fibre fruit water etc it would be easier but no Ive suffered with the dreaded constipation as well.

What a topic haha!!!;)


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Thankfully for me it's a god send having had severe diarrhoea for 10 years I'm actually having semi normal bowl movements but do feel for all of you with constipation (even though at times over the years I've prayed to have that problem!) x
I find that order that I eat my daily food in makes a difference. Also that different foods cause different problems at different times of the month. Eventually you find a rhythm and settle into it but it will vary from person to person. E.g. I now know not to eat apples for breakfast (this causes bloating and wind) and avoid pasta at lunchtime during my * week. It is worth it in the end. I have felt much healthier since I worked these things out. I think a big part of SW is helping you to understand your own body. Good luck!

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I used to have the same problem but now have a hot cup of water with a bit of lemon in every morning. Since i've started having the lemon water i'm 'going normally' so would recommend that.
Drink more - especially water. It really does help along with the extra fruit and fibre etc.

Gallons of water and an active lifestyle - get moving, to get moving (so to speak)


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Drink more water - this helped me.

I also cut out eggs from my diet. This seems to have helped a little.

If all else fails - Ducolax.


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When I used to take cereal bars to work for a snack I used to be in agony with bloating and wind not good when you are sat behind a reception desk and cant go anywhere.The things we have to talk about honestly Thank Goodness for mini mins:479: LOL


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I have the same problem, and I'm doing the fruit, veg, water, only have all bran or weetabix crunchy bran. Tried the lemon and water. I've come to the conclusion I'll just go fewer times on this.When I went off plan at Xmas I had no bother at all! But I gained 8lbs :eek:
Have any of you consulted a doctor regarding this/these problems? - I hate the idea of takig any pills or form of laxative.

A few weeks ago I did the sea salt cleanse thing! that really worked but not easy to down two pints of salty water before hand, though it certainly worked and got rid of all bloating and everything else for that matter!

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