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Protein shakes question...

... I have a tub of vanilla Atkins shake which I have for breakfast very occasionally when I just wouldn't have time for proper breakfast, but I find it MUCH too sweet. So I wondered which brand and flavour of protein shakes anyone uses? I did have a look in Holland & Barrett but they seemed fairly high carb, and they're such mahoosive tubs!
Any input greatly appreciated :D
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I do have one from H&B which isn't very sweet but can't remember what it's called as I've left it at work ... I'm not too keen on it - I much prefer the Atkins shake ... I'm sure someone will post some ideas soon :)
I prefer Atkins too but I also use OPTIMUM NUTRITION. I buy it online - it has tons of flavours such as cookies n cream lol. The whey protein tubs do tend to be large to offer the best value. They work out MUCH cheaper, weight for weight, than the Atkins powder.

The Holland and Barrett ones aren't too bad (own brand) but as with most other things in life you tend to get what you pay for. I also use ready to drink EAS carb sense shakes, sold in health stores, body building shops, etc, and also online.

You can buy smaller tubs of shake powder but they do work out more expensive. H and B often do buy two, get one free offers and even BOGOF so watch out for those.


I can haz cake?
Whey Protein | Body Building / Sports Nutrition | Holland & Barrett

thats the stuff I usually get and its pretty good tbh. Only 1.6g of carbs per 24g serving. (1.7g for the strawb which is the nicest) Its not on offer at the moment but they do that on BOGOF quite a lot :) xx

which reminds me...i really should get back into taking it, i've got 6 tubs at home haha
Thanks hannata! I've ordered an Optimum Nutrition one - the casein one as opposed to whey, which it seems is slower release protein (I'm no scientist and it all baffled me a bit! But this seemed to be the best one for me as I'm not doing a great deal of exercise at the mo). I've gone for vanilla as they didn't have the cookies and cream flavour in that one :(. At least with vanilla you can add coffee and have it hot or cold.
Thanks again for the replies :)
I looked on the website and saw too many choices so I've not bought any ... Girly - which one is yours ? It sounds Like it's worth a try :)
I've tried H&B banana and it's lush!! But it gone up to a ridiculous price again! (only buy this when on half price deal @£15.99)

I've now started buying protein from a website called ironscience.

They do an 80% and 90% whey protein. They are reasonable in carbs, the 90% has less in and the flavours are great and mix well! Wild strawberry is the best for me!!

Casein protein is best for taking at bedtime as it is a slow releasing protein so Works well for nights. When u wake up you should be taking a protein shake to replenish your stores again!!

Just try and avoid milk, I know some people can't drink them with water as they can be bland but if u reduce your water down you will have a creamier thicker more tasty shake.

I thoroughly recommend ironscience and they deliver by courier and give u a one hour slot of when to expect your delivery so u don't have to stay in waiting for it all day! Xx
I have a shaker from my LighterLife days :) Well my shake stuff arrived today but I've got a few days' worth of Atkins shakes to use up first. This tub is going to last forever! I probably only have a shake 2 or 3 times a week tops.
I hadn't thought about buying protein shakes. What a good idea!!!

I've been having the Atkins RTD Cafe Royale for breakfast - its really nice - just like a starbucks iced coffee
I didn't think protein shakes everyday was a good idea as they stall u, but you seam to have been doing great!

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