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Protein shakes

You can have anything you want on SW, but they'll be 1 syn per 20 calories as no free food.
Well I think that's generally the point - you can get all the protein you need from chicken, meat, pulses etc - which are naturally complex, take time/energy to break down and contain many other nutrients as well. So there is no just no need to take calorie-loaded protein shakes.

I'm not saying they are a bad thing, obviously many athletes take them for practical reasons - but theres nothing in them you cant get (and more) from normal food. So if you want one you have to syn it on SW Im afraid.
Thanks for that. I would rather eat food than drink protein shakes but my other half loves them after the gym. Based on the 20 cals per syn i think weve worked it out to be 4 per shake.

Thanks for the support
hi i take a protein shake 4-5 days a week after a weight session at the gym. i use the gold standard protein...vanilla ice cream...its delish!it works out as 6 syns..its kinda high i know but worth it. I wouldnt be without them.people say they would rather have a curly wurly for that lol but the protein is better for ur body.and yes u can also get the same protein from eggs and chicken etc...the protein repairs ur body after weight training also :) hope this helps x x x

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