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Cruise PV Pumpkin Soup??

Hi, I wondered if anyone could help me make sense of the following please?

I have the Kindle version of the book and to be honest I'm finding it very frustrating to follow at times :sigh:

There is recipe for Cruise PV Spicy Pumpkin Soup which contains (funnily enough) pumpkin, however in the '100 foods you can eat list' pumkin isn't there. The recipe also contains apple and from what I've read apples aren't allowed on Cruise.

Can anyone please make sense of this for me?

Also I have heard a lot of talk of 'tolerated' foods on here and there is no mention of them in the book. I have even searched for the word 'tolerated' and nothing in the context of how they are discussed on here comes up. So, could someone please explain 'tolerated' foods to me?

Thank you x
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I too have the kindle edition. Add to that, I have the AMERICAN kindle edition so I've been doubly frustrated and confused.
Don't worry! Help is at hand. The peeps on this site saw me right.
P.S. I think "tolerated" foods are a new thing not mentioned in the books.

Thank you locket! Do you wish you'd bought the paper version? I do. I'm not sure what version I've got, I'll have to have a look when I go up to bed as Dukan has become my new bed-time reading - sad or what?!
I do wish I'd started off with the paper version but why have a Kindle if you've gotta keep buying books?
That said though, the people on here have been great and set me right every time.
My weight loss rate has even increased because of the advice on this forum, the Americanised Dukan diet isn't as strict so weight loss is dramatically slower (in my experience).
I was even considering getting the paper version but on principle I'm not going to put more money into the Dukan diet machine just because they pander to different continents. One of the members on this forum also dissuaded me from getting the paperback version, telling me that they'd help.
So, hang on till tomorrow, I guarantee they will answer all your questions, they're good that way.

You're so right about the kindle thing and putting even more money into Dr. Dukan's coffers so I will take your kind advice and stay glued to this board. Off to bed now to read some more, night night!
In the english and french versions apple is a definate no only fruit allowed is goji berries which is relatively new and rhubarb (which is really a vegatable) .....pumpkins an odd one i would say thats in for the american market as they love their pumpkins over here butternut is allowed and see the recipe section as there is a lovely recipe for butternut squash soup there


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As scrumps says for apples...

For tolerated foods, there is a list here BUT keep them in your back pocket for one of those days rather than put them into your daily food diary. They will often slow your progress.

Pumpkin is fine. I make (very plain Dukan friendly) pumpkin soup when neighbours give me some pumpkin! love it!

here's a list I snuck from another forum

Tolerated foods (TF) for PP and PV (You are only allowed two choices from the entire list):
1 FF/SF fruit yogurt per day (avoid on attack)
1 TBSP corn flour per day
1 tsp low fat cocoa powder per day (less than 11% fat)
Soy yogurt (plain), one per day
30 g of cheese per day (less than 7% fat) - Laughing Cow Lite
1 TBSP of extra lite cream cheese (less than 3%) per day
30 ml of wine (for cooking only), per day - cook with lid off saucepan to evaporate alcohol
150 ml of soy milk per day
100 g rhubarb, unlimited on PV, use this limit for PP. Good for constipation.
3 drops (3g) oil
1 glass gaspacho (not homemade), only on PV days
1 tsp soya sauce
50 g of spiced goat sausage
100 g poultry sausage
See if you can reserve a copy of the UK paper edition at your library - that's what I did, back in Feb

(Alas - my library has since closed!!!!)
There are several veg missing from the list, I remember having ask about cauliflower when first starting.

The recipes sometimes seem utter nonsense given the rules - eg the amount of soy sauce in luk lac compared with the amount allowed as a tolerated, the apple in the recipe you mention.

Somewhere along the line theres either been some mis-translation and/or severe lack of proof reading.


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He could have hired me but the salary just wasn't enough. "Pay peanuts get monkeys" is what I say ;)
Hey stmcalee01, it's comforting to know that I'm not alone!

I'd never of thought of the library, so thank you Atropos, we're obviously lucky here as ours is still open.

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