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Put on half a pound??

I know I shouldn't weigh myself everyday, but I have put on half a pound since yesterday and don't know why! I am 100% SS.

I do have a horrible headache too. I don't feel as if I have water retention, but I might I guess.

Feel a bit humph, but am going to start glugging loads of water to try and have a bigger intake. I drank 3 litres yesterday, and always make my shakes up with double the amount of water.

Is this a normal thing?
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Don't worry hun, scales and very tempremental things and can vary from day to day. If you are sticking to the plan you have to be losing weight it is physically impossible not to! It can be a bit of water retention, your TOTM or mid-cycle or maybe even needing a number two!



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I'm addicted to my scales but I'm not taking to much notice anymore. Yesterday morning without clothes I was 10st4.9, this morning I was 10st5.8?? Then with clothes on this morning I was 10st4.7 I mean what the hell? I'm just going by cdc scales now and I am not going to be disappointed. Any weight gain MUST be water retention, we are not eating enough for it to be fat.

Roz x
I am keeping on glugging the water. I feel a bit jippy today, so perhaps it is all connected!
Hi Birdy! I'm also addicted to the scales and as long as the scales dont give me calories i'm staying addicted! We all know that we all fluctuate in a week even if we are 100% if you are doing 100% then you will lose. I also mix make shakes with more water as this fills me up. I use 400mls for a shake and 600 mls for the soup (that gives me 2 bowl's full and after that I'm stuffed!!!
Keep going girl your doing great!
(Is this sad? I take my own scales to CDC as all scales vary I know I wont have to deduct or god forbid add to my scales results every day to match what the CDC ones will say)


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Laws thats possibly the funniest thing I have heard all day!!!!!
Thanks;) I aim to please!!!
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I'd love to say I never get on my scales...but of course I do!They go up and down and so does my mood with them...then I get on my CDC's scales and wish I hadn't put myself through the heartache all week!
Try to only use them as a guide and you can't gain fat on SS.Water yes for various reasons,but it will go!


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Best advice stay away from scales till ya weigh in !! I never look mid week cause id end up givin up if mine were reading summat different :) xxxxxxx


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Mary Poppins, you look so much like someone I used to know. Don't suppose you used to live in Ipswich and then moved lol. If not you have a double. Fab pic btw.

Roz x
I weight myself everyday, and sometimes twice a day :D

I don't see anything wrong with it because if I've gained weight I put it down to water.
I have noticed that since upping my water intake I've lost 2lbs in 3 days, as opposed to 3lbs in 7 days.

Can't wait til my weigh in this week :D:D

Fatbird, I really wouldn 't worry about half a lb - that's more than likely water.
My scales sometimes say I'm 1lb heavier than the day before, all it is, is water.

You might be a whole lb lighter tomorrow :D


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my OH took the batteries out of our scales so that i cant use them lol
and i opted for a monday weigh in to keep me on the straight and narrow over the weekends! So my weigh in's are always a surprise!
Laws you made me LOL!!! I am sticking with it, it is the only diet I really feel this is going to be it!! I will succeed!!!

Thanks for the uplift of my mood guys. If you could just arrange an uplift of my bum and tum when I am at goal, it would be much appreciated!!! :D
In Fact Birdy, come to think of it I have cut down my scale hopping to twice a day (first thing in a morning totally naked and after the loo!!! never with wet hair!!!! and before bed naked! and after the loo!!!) I think it's been cut down because I'm now addicted to this forum!!!! God help me on the days I work from home I'll be glued to this (which is better than being glued to frankfurter sausages, an old habbit of mine when working from home!!!!!)
Keep on fat busting Girl!! xxx:)
you see Well done! keep at it don't let the lard win!!!!!


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Well done! I've somehow gained a lb :(

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