It's a way of life...
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I quite liked it, especially when i was following SW, Used it in lots of recipes in place of cream. Bit of an aquired taste but definately worth a try.


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When I was on SW I used to make a really scrummy dessert, I would mix Quark with a Mullerlight yogurt (any flavour), add the Quark and mix well until you reach the consistency you like, you can even add some fruit if you wish, soft fruits are good for this, if you need to sweeten, you could add a little Candarel. All these ingredients are FREE on both choices too!

I used to like my mix quite thick and often had a generous dollop on top of a low-fat digestive biscuit to make a mini-cheesecake!!


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Quark is nice on scan bran or ryvita if you mix it with a clove of fresh crushed garlic & fresh herbs. The garlic takes away the bitter taste.

Also, it's good for making syn free quiche with. :)


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For a quick 'must eat now' type snack on green days, I used to love instant mash mixed with quark and salt, yummy, comfort food!


It's a way of life...
S: 15st5lb C: 10st12lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 21.2 Loss: 4st7lb(29.3%)
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Thanks all, decided to try it with skimmed milk to make a sauce to go with thinly sliced potatoes, cooked slowly with Onions and spring onions cooked in a pan in fry light, low fat mozerella cheese, chives and garlic, that was then baked in the oven til crispy on top, and served it up with salad. Doesnt salad just go so well with something hot on the same plate ! Gotta say it was YUM !! :D

mmm that's got my tastebuds going Howie :p
Another great recipe for using quark is in a quiche and the whole thing is free what you do is

Boil Batchelors rice/pasta
Mix the quark in a bowl until it looks like yoghurt
Crack 4 eggs into a bowl
add the rice/pasta when cooked
Mix all together
add salt
put into a glass oven tray
cook for about 30 mins

Its absolutely gorgeous and it is all free. (or so iv been told.lol.)



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Loving this thread - I've only ever used Quark with fruit - I had no idea it was so versatile - thanks everyone & keep the ideas coming! :D ff x


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Sugar free jelly made up then a tub of quark whisked in (add canderel to taste) put in fridge to set for a yummy mousse