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Question for ex-lipotrimmers to Atkins converts

Hi all,

at the minute I am on lipotrim- have been for 6 weeks now and lost over two stone. Plan to carry on for another couple of weeks, but in the meantime I have preparing myself for atkins. Have ordered my flax seed for my MiMs and have been printing off recipes and filling the freezer. Really look forward to joining Atkins.

Just wondering if any or you moved from lipotrim (or other such products). Was it difficult to make the transition? Did you refeed or come straight from TFR to induction? Did you initially gain weight or did you continue to lose on Atkins from the word go?

Sorry I have so many questions- but from reading your posts there seems to be a very supportive "vibe" from the Atkins forum.
Looking forward to hearing from you and joining you soon.

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I came over from Exante, have struggled to lose weight, especially at first, but I had been on it for about 8 months and lost 8 stone so my metabolism was in my boots iykwim? Still working on it, sometimes I lose, sometimes I don't - but I always enjoy the food. Don't let me put you off, I love it and will stick with it cos I love food and I eat regularly and well.
Bren xx
You're looking to lose more Quak??!

Bloody hell, you look fantastic enough in your pics as you are! :D
I did go up a bit after I first lost as everyone said I had lost too much, but I think now things have settled down more I can afford to go back to where I was at the end of exante, my face has filled out a bit more now which is where the problem was. No rush though, it will happen when it happens.
I came over from Exante as well and am avoiding the scales coz I know I will have a gain at first. However I also know that once my body gets used to food again I will start losing so Im not worried. The theory is that by staying away from the scales for as long as possible I can get past the gain without it putting me off and sending me scuttling back to Exante coz Ill need to be able to eat real food at some point and after over 5 months of Exante Id rather eat it now.
Thanks for your reply Joanne and well done for getting so far,

Did you do a re-feed or just go straight into Atkins induction? Did you limit the amount you ate or just stick to the atkins guidance re carbs?

Ive just gone straight into it without refeeding and am sticking to the 20g of carbs a day.

I switched over to WW a few weeks ago from Exante after doing a very basic refeed and still managed to gain 3lbs in 2 1/2 weeks. I immediately panacked and jumped back onto Exante before realising that I didnt want to spend the rest of my life on a vlcd and moving back to Atkins. I know Im going to get a gain and Ive accepted that because I know Atkins works for me and it will start working again at some point.
Very useful advice Joanne,

I am not planning to switch to Atkins until the beginning of March. But I can be mentally preparing myself for the possibility of an initial gain but in the long-term I know a life with controlled carb intake will suit me. You sound as though you have a sensible mindset and this will stand you in good stead for any further weight loss and long-term maintenance. Best of luck. Looking forward to joining soon. Thanks

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