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Question for ex WWs


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C: 11st10lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 27.3
I haven't done WW points for a long time but did it for years then they introduced their core plan (very similar to EE at slimming world) i found it so hard to turn off the points mentality but when i did it was the most amazing sense of freedom and it worked.

Now WW have dropped core and i have dropped ww for sw !!!

just trust and believe, eat and you will lose !!


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i did ww twice first time lost 2.5 stone in a year second time in 18 weeks i only lost 2.5lb, i was sooo gutted i gave up and now in 2 weeks i lost 6.5lbs.


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Im an ex-WW -and can probably still quote the plan backwards :p..
When I decided to do SW -I just made myself ignore all the old WW ideas, I figured if at the end of week 1 I had gained then I would do something about it..... it never happened ;)-Im loving SW and don't even think about WW unless Im talking to mum -another ex-ww-er,
I can't ever see me going back as even though I could lose a lot on it (never kept it off:eek:)-with SW I am losing much more consistanty and its much easier, and definitely a way I can see us eating for the rest of our lives,
I hope you find the transition smooth :D
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I have done WW in the past (repeatedly) but gave up my attempts a while back as it always ended up with me binging big time after weigh in, spending the rest of the week cutting back and exercising like crazy, it was awful.

Anyway back to the point of your thread (excuse the pun!), I have been calorie counting recently and find it very hard not to tot up the calories in a meal whilst I'm eating it on SW, so I guess that's a similar thing. I'm trying to ignore this and am hoping it will wear off soon. It'll help if I lose a good amount at my first week weigh in because then I'll trust the diet a bit more.

You're not alone, but don't pay any attention to the points. Your body does treat different types of calories differently, and there was an article in New Scientist recently about how anything up to 20-40% of calories in high fibre things like fruit, wholegrains and pulses get eliminated as waste rather than utilised by the body. Whilst I don't know how accurate this is, it does go to show how little we actually know about all this and that are bodies are not calculators, so it really is trial and error to find what works for an individual.

Sorry for the waffle and hope it helps...


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I was at WW for years, on and off. I've managed to forget the points now but do still think things like, "I can't eat yet 'cos I can't possibly be hungry". I still tend to watch portion size and don't fill my plate as much as I would like sometimes. Portion control is another biggie at WW. I wonder if this is whats slowing my weight loss down.:confused: Everyone else keeps saying I need to eat more.


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it took me about 6 months to get points out my head and now i can't remember any of them apart from the 0.5 for an apple that I can now eat as many as I want lol

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