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Just had my first soup tonite, spicy tomato. Quite liked it but as I put it in the blender to mix it it came out quite frothy, which I didnt like much. Do any of you just mix this without blending or does it turn out lumpy and powdery without blending it. I want it to be more of a cuppa soup consistancy without all the froth.
Hmm... i'll wait for other responses i'm afraid bambi.. i have a soup in the cupboard, but 12 weeks in and i've not actually tried one yet. :p

Glad you are still doing well! your ticker looks great, and will soon start moving on down again! :)
Morning Bambi
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I always mix my soup in the mug using a teaspoon.I find the tom one can be a bit gritty at times,The others I love and if I get a few lumps I do not mind[gives you something to chew]As hubbie likes his smoother I often use a hand blender for his.For shakes we use Frothy maker but I never do soups in it although lots of others do.
Hi Bam

The answer is the Kenwood Frothie Maker.

It hears and mixes the soup and because the tap is at the bottom of the device you can leave the froth in the mixer and just take out the lovely spicy soup.

They were in Big W's in Norwich last week for £19.99 !

Hi Bambi

I always take a nice extra big mug and put about 4 or 5 cms of cold water in and the sachet. I mix this into a paste and then slowly add off the boil water giving it a good mix. I never have any problem with lumps in the soups even though I deliberately mix the shakes with lumps to eat with my sundae spoon (apparantly I'm weird liking lumpy shakes though!)

I love the spicy tomato but I can imagine you would get quite a froth if you whisk it. You can also get a bit of a froth if you use boiling water so it's best to leave the kettle a few minutes after boiling.

Hope you start loving the soups and shakes like I do when you get you own little routines sorted.

Dizzy x
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They were in Big W's in Norwich last week for £19.99 !

Ahhh Big W.. now there is a store i miss! lol I used to live in Manchester (well Salford actually) and loved going to Big W.. always bargains to be had... I don't know of any 'down south' :rolleyes:
There is a big w in canning town (east end of london) very easy to fing straight down the a13
Spicy Tomato Soup.

With this particular soup one of two methods should be used listed below. If hot water is put directly onto the soup powder it will separate due the the acidity of the tomator and the fact the soups are milkbased.

Mixing Instructions for Tomato soup - choice of 2

Add a small amount of cold water to the contents of a sachet, make a thick smooth paste, add boiling water to make up to 250ml and mix thoroughly with a whisk or blender.

Or alternatively

Mix with 50ml of cold water then top up to 250 ml with boiling water.

Either way is okay but the first is hotter.

If you just add the hot water to the powder it will be frothy or gritty:eek:
Thanks Linda - now I know why my two attempts at tomato soup went horribly wrong!

I tend to stick to Veg and the Chilli options now anyway as I don't like normal tom soup anyhow.

To do mine I use a big mug and water which isn't quite boiling. I put the water in the mug and use a spoon to blend in the powder and crush the lumps against the mug until it's smooth. I then leave it a couple of minutes for the veg bits to become soft and stir it again.

I didn't really like them in the begining but now I love them
I love the tomato its my favourte soup I add 350mls water though and some cayenne pepper to make it really spicy.

Might be worth another go to see if you like it without the froth:D

Also you can add 1 g of curry powder to any of the soups, korma, madras, tandoori, tikka - keep it to 1 g though and if you like spicy, make your soup shut your eyes and sip away you will almost think you are at the local Indian restaurant, well almost.:p
I pour 300 ml hot water into a jug, add the pack of soup and mix with an egg whisk. It never gets that yucky froth on the top and I add curry powder and or pepper/herbs. I then pour it into a bowl and eat it with a spoon. It helps to kid myself that I'm actually eating!!!
I also hate the froth. I just put a small pot of water on the hob (cold) add the soup packet and stir with a fork while its heating. no lumps no froth :D
Thanks for all the great tips, im sure these soups r gonna b my favorite things. Had the Oriental Chilli tonite and loved that too. Chicken one next tomorrow. I think I would of found just shakes hard for a few months, but now i have the soups and found the tip on makin hot frothy coffee with the vanilla shake I just know I can do this. :D And I still have the bars to try next week, more new tastes. :)