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Questions from the American

Well I finally got my product tonight - it was delivered to the wrong house but there was a language barrier and my neighbor wanted to have a translator before she brought it over apparently :). I was so excited I shook the box and jumped up and down (only a little)... I think that's pretty telling that I'm ready to start this diet!

I did think of a few questions over the last few days that I wasnt sure if any of you could help me with:

#1 - So I did also receive some bars and drink mixes with my shakes. If I'm doing sole source do the bars and drink mixes even get consumed? There was no nutrition information with them so I'm not sure if the bars are a shake substitute or what.

#2 - I've been seeing some information on keto and how some folks need to consume less than 50 grams of carbs per day to enter it. With the cambridge 330 plan having 68 carbs (with 4 shakes at 110 kcal) do people just hope that its little enough? What happens if I need to consume less than 30 carbs to go into keto - can I still expect weight loss w/o keto or what happens then?

Thanks all! I can't wait until tomorrow!!!:D
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US product is not quite the same as in the UK, so i am guessing, but here the bars can be used after first two weeks as one of your 3 (or 4?) daily products. Not sure what the drink mix is...

As for ketosis, with the UK CD products you ARE in ketosis when taking just the shakes. I am not sure if the US products just has more carbs, or whether the formula you've been given is wrong... I stayed in ketosis even on 810 when eating a daily meal as well as shakes. CD worked for me & I am sure it will work for you... try googling the UK CD website for more info, and I guess there is a US one too...

Good luck and welcome to minis!



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I have two shakes a day and a bar, and am in ketosis all the time. Even if I have an SS+ meal I stay in ketosis. If you stick to the diet you can't help but lose.

I am glad you finally got your food, it seems a bit of an ongoing saga.... the interpreter made me laugh. How hard can it be to say "I think this is for you"
I actually can understand her being a bit cautious to come over. Unfortunately the Latin American population is booming where I'm from, but they are not neccessarily made to feel welcome. Most Americans give them quite a bit of crap for their version of American English. Unfortunate, but I understand none-the-less.

I think I'm really over thinking the carb thing. I guess if I really think about it, if I eat unhealthy, I'm consuming hundreds of carbs in a sitting so no matter what, I should lose. :)

Day one down - not so bad! Here's to another today!


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Hi Aseyan -- I am also using the US CD products. I am using the Food for Life which is soy based -- I did LL in the UK in 2008 and have regained some of weight and wanted to take it off, but also felt that the lactose based LL products did not agree with me all that well. Anyway, the "starter" box I ordered from the www.cambridgedietusa.com website (and was shipped from California) - came with a book, diet plan and CD that explained the entire program. It was good value for money on the amount of products -and included a shaker cup, too.

That's actually who I ordered through as well! Except for whatever reason I chose the Original formula. I think I'll try food for life next time!


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So, did you the books and CD?
I did get the books and CD. I have read the books but have not had a chance to listed to the CD just yet. I'm just taking as directed right now. My 4 cambridge original shakes with a crap ton of water! :D


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I haven't checked out the CD for the CD either

Ase -- You put up a picture! You look to be about 12! Do you have what the Brits call "ginger hair"? I love your hair cut, very stylish.

Hummm about the water -- as it is a liquid measurement I do not think c*ap ton is the correct terminology. I think it would need to be Billions of Barrels of water. LOL

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12?!? Sweet - I'll take that! When I was a teenager everyone thought I was mid-20s and now apparently I look like a teenager. I hope that stays into my 30s and 40s too!

And actually crap ton is a scientific term. It means 4.25 liters! :D


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Hi Ase,

I hope you have a good day and a good weekend. I have not been drinking my c*ap ton of water -- so, I will need to make a better effort. It does help. I hope things are going well. I am going to have to refocus my efforts -- and get off my bum and work out!

I guess I'm just weird with the water - it seems to be a bit easy for me. But I've always been one of those people that always has a beverage in my hand. If its not a gallon of water, its a gallon of soda or coffee. Obviously the latter two aren't good for you :). I'm just so used to drinking throughout the day that this is a breeze. That and I have a really cool water bottle with a straw - I seem to drink more at a time with a straw.

Good luck :)

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