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Quick question - Sugar free drinks?


No Coffee, No Workee
Yep, all sugar free or diet drinks are free. :)
oooooh, I LOVE blue juice. I was in my element when blue alcopops appeared, drunk them like lemonade. (blushes!). I used to call blue drinks 'moon juice'. No idea why, but it's stuck! lol

I've never seen a sugar free one What's it called?


soon to be skinny minnie
Oh i love blue drinks, blue wicked, blue red square etc. i love the fact that all sugar free drinks are free, i done a different diet before where the diet ones were free but the zero ones weren't free


is a pirate arrrgggghhhh
yeah i think the rule of thumb is if it's a few calories per hundred mil it's fine XX


No Coffee, No Workee
Nooooooooo not all! Generally, any that have less that 5 cals per 100ml are free. No added sugar high juice for instance is NOT free
Sorry Taz, forgot about those! :ashamed0005: You're quite right, of course.

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