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Quorn Fish Fingers?

2 syns each


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Why can't you imagine it ?
To me it is only the same as fake chicken beef turkey etc and any number of meat substitutes currently on the market.
There is nothing wrong with quorn fish fingers if you fancy them and you don't eat fish. My diet would be so different and boring if there weren't these types of foods available to buy nowadays.
I can't imagine it because i can't even imagine the texture, or like.. does it taste like fake fish?? Does it just taste like quorn in a stick.. Dont see why thats such an issue.. Im not personally attacking anyone.. LOL!! im literally saying i can't imagine it..
I am sorry I didn't mean to be so offensive I have had a bad day and I posted after a gain at weigh in.
I have not tried the quorn fish fingers as I eat real fish fingers but I don't eat meat or chicken. I haven't for over 20 years and back then it was near impossible to get any kind of substitute so I am glad that there is a lot more choice.
I ask my OH if the quorn fillets etc taste like meat as I really would have no idea ! He eats anything unlike me.
If someone gave up meat and fish for ethical reasons then I suppose they might miss fish fingers and this would be a way to eat them.
I gave up meat and chicken for digestive reasons so I don't eat a lot of fake stuff as I have a texture issue.
I might try them for research purposes !
sorry didnt mean to start somthing there.. just me thinking aloud.. i find it hard to come to terms with qourn at the best of times.. have made myself eat it this week!!.. so its just the thought of a mushroom pretending to be a fish finger i cant really get!!..

but thats just me!!
I looooove quorn.. I used to be a veggie for like 10 years or something so have had a lot in my time.. haha.. and i still eat loads now. I just literally cant imagine a fish quorn product. I much prefer quorn to real meat though. Especially mince.. I think sometime i'll have to give them a try cos i can't even imagine. Would love someone who has had them to come review them for us haha..
I tried the tuna style fishcake thingies. They were.... interesting.
I bought them because I'm veggie and when i ate meat i used to love tuna, but can't bring myself to eat fish or meat again.
I remember thinking that they sort of did taste like fish, and were quite flaky inside...but I haven't eaten fish or meat for nearly 10 years! So my judgment may be way out! ;)
I've tried the fishless fingers! I thought they tasted like cheap fishfingers (if that makes sense!) but I did like them! I'm not veggie but don't eat a lot of meat / fish.

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