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Spring Challenge!
What is your motivation?

  • I want to look gorgeous/sexy/slim for my husband to be proud of me
  • I want to fit back into my size 8 wardrobe
  • I want to feel good
  • I want to be able to do all the things I could do when I was 8 Stone and not lack confidence
I just have to beat the bingeing and regain a rigid pattern/diet to get there. I am starting now. 12 weeks on Monday I go to New York - I want to be at least 10 Stone by then (a drop of 1 Stone 12lbs). Ultimatley I want to be under 9 stone by christmas - I am going to do this, I can do this. I just need to knuckle down and form a routine.

Some rules I am going to implement to help me:
  • Only shop with my husband
  • Only eat my own food
  • Eat three healthy meals a day
  • Dont eat offered food
  • Exercise 3/4 time a week
I can do this, cant i?

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Slimming down the aisle
Of course you can do it!! You can AND you will!
You can do it! I believe in you. :) From what you are saying I can see that you have heaps of motivation, all you have to do is follow those simple steps, keep motivated (keep re-reading why your trying to lose weight when your having a difficult time) and I think you'll be able to achieve your goal.
Yes .. you can! You need to set yourself mini-goals to work to, maybe buy nice new clothes for your holiday after you reach each milestone .. have something to aim for.

Believe in yourself!

You started a thread for weigh-ins .. start another one & see your progress written down.

Keep your old clothes that get to be too big & see how well you are doing along the way.

Good luck, i know you can do this ..


Spring Challenge!

My goals are set. 26lbs in the next 12 weeks is what I am hoping and working for. I am going to start rigidly Monday, but I am using the weekend as an ease in gently. While I would like to do a meal replacement program to retrain my thoughts I am unable to as my husband strongly disagrees with them. At times we will have to eat out at certain places but I shall choose the best options possible:

McDonalds - Chicken salad deli with no sauce/mayo
Subway - Veggie delite on wheat with no sauce/cheese
Pub Meal - Plain chicken salad with no sauce
Starbucks - Skinny Latte
Chip Shop - Chicken kebab with no sauce & salad

I know not all of these meals are ideal - but would they be acceptable as the best of a bad bunch? If I kept within my calorie limit while consuming these foods and exercising I will loose weight wont i?
If you use a site like myfitnesspal, you could log in those meal options to see how many calories they would add up to in a day, then plan the other days meals around them.. as long as they keep within your daily calorie allowance they would be fine .. if you need to (if they are going over the allowance) build in exercise for those days to give you extra calories.

I don't know if you are familiar with myfitnesspal but it gives you all the details on there .. you can eat anything as it gives you the calorific amounts, you just adjust to keep within that daily amount that it gives you ..

As long as you plan ahead, you will be fine. I log in breakfast & lunch as i have them then plan in my head what we will be having for tea & log it in temporarily, if it is ok & within my allowance that's fine, if not, i adjust it until it is .. then i log it .. saving a little for my evening snack.

Good luck!


Les Mills Fitness Freak
shell, thats a better plan than your old ones! it sounds very healthy to me :)


Les Mills Fitness Freak
Hi, You've got similar goals to me, my aim is to lose 3 stone by Christmas, but would love to have dropped 2 stones in 3 months time.
Did you start yesterday? I've started officially today. Trying to keep busy to stop thinking of food.
I was only thinking of writing down the best choices for eating out options, then I saw yours!
Hope your getting on ok

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