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Re-starting SS!

I started this diet on 04.01.07, im on my 5th week now and i had every intention of doing 1 week on 790 then sliding into SS. I have to say iv been a little naughty and am very ashamed. I have continued on 790, and apart from that i have not been totaly sticking to the allowances, im fine all day, but come the eve meal stage i can have my chicken, (iv also had steak a few times even though i know im not ment to) and the veg, iv had the odd desert and every time i feel soooo bad! the thing is iv still lost weight and even though i know i could have lost more it hasnt stopped me. tonight i have made the same fatal mistake, be it a chicken salad and 1/3 a desert i want this to be the last time i slip up! im upset i couldnt have been stronger but this is the turning point:break_diet:

so i have decided, no more mesing about with this diet, its all or nothing, and im gunna give it my all!!

tomorrow i am going to start SS. i have a weigh in on thursday morning so hopefully can recoup my bad doings of the last few days and then ill be on the home run! im so dissapointed in myself, i may have lost weight but feel like i cheated to get there. :(

im gunna try and keep posting as often as possible to keep me on track. ;)
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Queen of the Damned
Hey TIT1 (hmmm, may need to rethink that abbreviation of your name :rolleyes: At least you have acknowledged where you are going wrong and doing something about it - most definitely a positive step. You know we are right behind ya xx

Hi TIT1,

Thats the problem, when you are losing anyway one feels disinclined to SS. I only started properly SSing 15 days ago, before then I was losing weight, but I kept slipping up and falling off the wagon - it's so easy when you aren't SSing 100%.
Think about SSing and giving it your all please. My first weigh in or 100% SSing produced a weight loss of 16Ibs .... you can't get better than that can you? :)
Hey, I thought about cheating tonight, but I didn't. The weight is coming off in a steady flow, and I am pleased. I know it seems tough, but keep in 100% SS and it will work. Just think, everyday you do it, it's a day less uyou will have to worry about it! x
thanks for your kind replys, its nice to know im not alone

i am ready for tomorrow and will SS, its in my best interest and hopefully a good weight loss next week will give me the boost on SS that i need to stick to it 100%.

i have too keep reminding myself its not forever, 4 months and then i can eat again. its strange as im not craving bad foods, but things like veg (ones not on 790 list though) and fruit?! its weird as before this diet i ate little fruit and veg.

also ordered PSYLLIUM HUSKS today and am actually looking forward to being able to eat a porridge! sad ay, i think it could also be why im craving fruit and veg, as the bowels arnt movin much on the shakes and is painfull!! iv always suffere but this is a little beyond a joke.


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