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really missing proper food

Don't know what it is but really missing proper food today. Not hungry or anything like that and the shakes etc still taste ok and fill me up. But really missing proper food, the taste, texture and the whole eating thing. :cry:

Strange thing this dieting.
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I know what you mean. It's all in the mind really, isn't it.

Last week all I could think about was food and eventually it overwhelmed me (booooo). But this week I feel really focused and am aiming to have a "perfect" week before WI on Tuesday (yaaaay)

Try to keep yourself occupied - being on here helps - and I find daft things like looking at clothes on the Next website of all things helps me. I keep planning that summer wardrobe and feeling good that soon I will be able to wear whatever I want.

Keep it up - it will be worth it!


I will be skinny again!!!
It can be very hard chick, some people sucuumb purely because they miss chewing etc.

Have you tried the flapjacks? Personnally I hated them but there are some people here that enjoy them and enjoy chewing again!

Also, have you been experimenting with different things to do with your shakes? xxxx
yeah tried the flapjacks would rather eat catfood than have them again. Just going to keep plodding on I am sure it's just a blip but will not weaken.


I *will* be skinny again!
keep your head up! you've done well so far and you'll only continue to do better x
I miss food too :(
just try and do it...Just think that food will always be there, and once u reach ur target weight, u will be able to eat and hv the odd treat....and also see urself in that skinny outfit :)...Good luck!


Live for today!
Keep strong. If it's really bad just tell yourself over and over that all food will still be there in a few weeks, you're just delaying eating it's not forever, instant gratification is what got us here:eek: Hope you manage to stay strong..............


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I know what you mean - I do have to say that I love the smell of food (even more!), I feel happy having a good nose full of BBQ or roast dinner. It's so good!

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