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Really random concern


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So after having to delay and delay again i am finally ready to start CD, (just waiting for wages to clear&to have one last crazy friday night, naughty i know) but am having a little panic and of all the things to be concerned about its about boobs:rolleyes:

How much have yours shrunk if at all am currently about a 36e/f and would hate it to go below a DD,

So just wondering from others experience if i should be getting on the phone to harley street to book my self in or not.

Also what other really random worries did people have before starting Cd.:D
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Mine haven't shrunk at all, in fact started 52DD and now a 40EE so they seem to have very much stayed the same whilst the fat went so now they seem even bigger. I know some people have shrinkage but it seems us bigger girls have no such luck

good luck by the way, it works really well.

and those no such thing as a random worry, we all post all sorts of weird things.


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If you think about it....your boobs will look bigger since there is less of the rest of you as well!!!

I went from a 38 (occassional 40) E to a 34F.

Think it just depends where you body loses it from and your natural shape.

If it bugs you that much...there are always implants!!!:rolleyes:
Mine havn't shrunk yet but this is only my third week. I am hoping i wil go back to 34B like i was before i gained weight. I am a 36C at the mo, hate it because i am only petite.


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:sigh: ....Looks like i'm the unlucky one, my boobs have gone from a 42c/d to a 38B & thats's getting a bit big now...:sigh: :sigh: :sigh: .

My husband loves it though coz he prefer small boobs i don't!....lol



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S: 15st0lb C: 15st0lb G: 11st4lb BMI: 31 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Am just really paranoid coz i'm known for my boobs and feel like i would lose my identity if i had none, ohh feminists would love me all these women rights and im worried my identitys in my bra.
At my biggest (3 weeks ago!) I was 40K. Yes - K. Not easy to get hold of bras to fit, and your average housewife could carry home her weeks shopping in one of them! (No, this is NOT a plastic bag....)
I am just hoping that they reduce to a more normal size (would be happy at say 36D which I used to be...) and dont end up looking like empty water gourds.
I remember once seeing a photo of an African tribeswoman in National Geographic magazine whose boobs were so empty and long and flat and flappy she could SLING THEM OVER HER SHOULDER and feed the baby she was carrying on her back..... How that image haunts me..
Mrs P
I am amazed that although I have lost three stone +, and my back has shrunk, the boobs are still the same cup size. Was a bit worried about this too, but all ok so far.