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Really struggling.. too many options..

C: 14st0lb G: 10st0lb
Argh frustrated with myself! I need to stick to something!
Okay so over the last 6 years I've tried every diet going.. I've lost around a stone, but my weight is slowly creeping up and I'm worried I'll get back to my weight before.. or perhaps even larger..
I don't have loads and loads to lose, around 2 1/2 stone- 3 stone.. But I just can't get started.. I know that if I get through my first week and see real results I'll be spurred on but it's just that part that I'm finding hard.. My problem is that I seek comfort in food like a lot of people. My job is stressful atm so when I get home I just sit there and destress with chocolate.. I've tried taking peoples' advice before, like taking time out.. having a long soak, painting my nails etc, but I just end up pigging out and then saying I'll start tomorrow.. It's always tomorrow..
I'm really annoyed with myself.. I need some serious motivation and willpower.. but where am I going to get it from?!
I'm desperate to lose weight but food always seems to win.. I need to shift this weight and find a slimmer, happier me.. But what plan to do? I've tried slim fast, cambridge, alli, calorie counting, my fitness pal (iphone app), slimming world and weight watchers.. I can't not have food as the feeling of deprivation means I binge/ give up the plan and the small results from weightwatchers doesn't really spur me on.. Would slimming pills be good for me?!
Argh i just don't know what to do and need some help! Advice please :)

Thankyouu! x
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Hey hun i'm with you! I have about the same amount of weight to loose as you. I have tried a few diets and know it can be done i have seen it on the scales before but like you the lbs have crept back on. I can only offer you my personal opinion, with slimming world i did see results, but realised i dont have enough self control for that diet, too much freedom lead to huge portions and binges on "free" food. So i personally am restarting weight watchers tomorrow because its more structured and i know it does work. I'm going back to old points way because just doing it at home cause cant really afford to replace books etc with the new propoints info to be honest and it seems to be quite slow results for some people. I have also tried slimming pills gave silver slimming tablets ago a few years ago whilst on weight watchers and did seem to get reults, although prob was psychological! lol have also tried lipobind but they were quite expensive and to be honest didnt see any great results with them, and found you had to take quite a few in a day, so i'm back to trying silver slimming.

Sorry this is all just my personal experiences probably not much help lol all i can say is everyone is different, its just a bit of trial and error and what ever you decide stick with it and give it a good run. You will find loads of support and info on here its a great place! Another little tip, whatever eating plan you decide with drink loads of water and try to forward plan meals that seems to help me. Oh and i have started a food diary on here just to keep track.

Sorry looooong post! lol :) xxx
C: 14st0lb G: 10st0lb
Thanks for the reply :)
I'm definitely with you.. I'm using my fitness pal atm, only cos ww is pretty expensive.. I'm going to buy some of their products though- love their cheese and angel delights..
Keep me updated with your weight loss! x x

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