Recipe dessert & savoury pancake from Cambridge packs


I STILL mean it!
Several people have asked me for these recipes which got me through over seven months on Lighter Life and SS. I made them up myself, and I have now typed them on my computer and will send them to anyone who asks for them.
Please remember - both recipes need psyllium husk powder as an ingredient. You MUST ensure that you drink plenty of water when taking this.
It is available from Healthspan Vitamin supplements. Buy tax-free vitamins online with Healthspan brand name Colonimax.
For the pudding, you will also need some sachets of Supacook powdered gelatine.
e mail requests to [email protected]
Hi ann

Are all the Boaters coffees calorie free or is it just the instant ones ???? Popped onto the site for a look and they look lush - didn't risk it while on SS, but now I'm on maintenance would love to give tnem a try :)
Hi Roch, have e mailed you.
Well it's hot stones & reiki for me later on today! Don't know what to expect so am rather apprehensive!
Did my 15 mins cross country on the treadmill at the gym yesterday at 3.9mph, so I'm please about that.
Also, can I say a piblic "thankyou" you bigbluefurrymonster who has given me lots of useful information about learning to run. I think the first thing I have to do is let go of the bar on the treadmill while I'm walking and find my own balance.
She gave me a wonderful insight into the world of running - I now want an ipod and some shoes that have a little gizmo plugged into them. They transmit to your ipod how fast you're going and how many calories etc. Clever or what???? Have to sell some more clothes on e bay!!!!
Have a good day.
Ann xxx
Hi Ann, :D

Please could you send me the recipes, I think if I had something different it might make me stick to SS..

Have never heard of these p. husks whatever it is!!!

My E-mail is [email protected]

Cheers Chick.. :D
could I have your recipies?

Just came across this thread. Pancakes sound lush, know this was posted some time ago, but any chance I could have the recipies please?

[email protected]

This sounds great would be grateful if the recipe could be sent to me too at [email protected] many thanks.