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Recipe Help. Turkey, no oven or stove!

Hi everyone! So today is my first day of attack and I'm currently in Romania.

I've just got hold of turkey breast cut in chunks. Now my problem is that I don't have an oven or stove. (its driving me crazy because I love to cook normally!)

I've only got a slow cooker, george foreman grill and a tefal vitacuisine steamer. (all brought with me from home!) Please can anyone suggest an attack friendly turkey recipe?

My store ingredients are:
salt pepper,
lemon juice,
chilli flakes,
green chillies,
piri piri chillies,
yoghurt (fat free)
all indian curry spices (turmeric, cumin, coriander, etc)

It doesn't have to include the above, but the supplies I can buy here are very limited. So no quark, fromage frais or cottage cheese without fat/low fat. I'm really feeling hungry!

I just found out that the supermarket near by do rotisserie chickens for equivalent of £1.50, but they're cooked with skins on. Can I eat it if I take the skins off? If so, it looks like this will be my staple!lol

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Not very good at this!
Have a look on the recipe thread for some ideas. Yes you can take the skin off the chicken. You can't have the cornflour in attack and be careful with the lemon juice.


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It's a shame really that that turkey breast is chunked, else the GF would have been perfect (perhaps next time).

I'd go for a slow cooker thing if I were you. Some herbs + spices with your meat, some water, and set it off...

Take skin off rotisserie chicken yes, and lose the wings!


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Get yourself some skewers and then you can use the GF to grill your 'kebabs'. Depending on the size of the chunk you may even be able to cook them singly, a bit fiddly but should be do-able. Season to taste (I would use paprika but you might prefer chilli!) and bung on the grill.

If you've got time you can also slow-cook, maybe add a bit of yoghurt to moisten it first (it will curdle but it's just there to help the cooking start off). Again just season / marinate (yoghurt with curry spices & garlic) and bung in slow cooker for a few hours or so. If necessary add a little water, but this should not be needed (I do whole meat joints without adding ANY water)

I believe you can steam meat but I have no idea - after all it's perfect for fish?! Do your appliances (and very inspired collection by the way) come with instructions / recipes? that might give you some idea on basic cooking methods.

good luck and keep us posted!!


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That's a good idea Anja... I'd not have fancied hot metal skewers in my GF though but then remembered I have some wooden ones.

Now that I'll be having BBQs for guests this summer, kebabs are a good idea!

The OP can't get yoghurt hence I recommended some water...


Dukan Ancestor!!
Ah I read yoghurt in her 'store' ingredients so assumed she had some...


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oh sorry!!! I should read more carefully (or get my glasses out, rather..;)

<singing: you're so vain...>
Hi everyone! I found Danone fat free yoghurt! but thats all I could get hold off fat free!
I've bunged in the turkey, garlic, ginger, yoghurt, chilli powder, coriander powder. It's a somewhat Dukan tandoori escalope-esq recipe but in a slow cooker and with turkey! Who knows how it will turn out!
Unfortunately, all the manuals with recipes are at home in England. My boyfriends been out here since September last year renting an apartment so I'd sent him my appliances from home.

I bought some salmon medallions today! So they'll go nicely in the steamer tomorrow evening! Should I throw out the salmon skin?
Oooh my boyfriend went to carrefour in the other side of the city and found long life milk which is 1.5% fat, I think that works out to semi-skimmed right? So I should avoid it?
thanks for that! im sticking to the 0% yoghurt! i mixed a protein shake with yoghurt, turned into dessert!! not bad at all! does anyone know about salmon skin? (or fish skin in general?) Yes its a lot more calories and fat, but I didn't eat the skin of my salmon just now and I feel sad throwing away all that omegas!


grammar police
your salmon will be fine - you're encouraged to eat all fish on dukan, though i'd question the protein shake. are you sure that's ok for dukan? can you check the ingredients and nutrition to make sure?
I've used protein shakes a lot in mine and my hubby's army training (him being in, me getting in and picking up a serious injury a few weeks before my start date) and I'm struggling to see how it can be 0g of carbohydrate. You should probably check that... And if it exists, I totally need to know what it is!
Hi, i'll find out exactly details tomorrow. My boyfriend is fast asleep now. I know there is a whey shake called zerocarb. But the one I took whilst in his clinic that he's working now is made of albumin. And i know my boyfriend uses it on his morbidly obese patients. (He's doing his thesis on some weird diet hes invented and obese patients. I think one of his patients lost 60kg in 5 months! But he won't tell me the diet details cos 1. He knows I'll go do it and 2. I have a big mouth and wouldn't keep his research a secret!haha I think he wants to be the next dr. Dukan!lol) oops back to the point, I'll find out about the shake tomorrow!!
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unfortunately the stuff he has, has been sent to him as part of a trial by some german company! its brand new! hopefully they'll release it on the market soon. but they do have zerocarb whey protein on the market, these are its nutritional info:
Amount Per Serving
Calories 80
Calories From Fat 0
% Daily Value*
Total Fat 0g 0%
Saturated Fat 0g 0%
Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 0mg 0%
Sodium 60mg 3%
Potassium 130mg 4%
Total Carbohydrates 0g 0%
Dietary Fiber 0g 0%
Sugars 0g
Protein 20g 40%

i think matthew has got something similar but just that its made of albumin.

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