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Recommend a sw book pleaaaase!!!!

hi everyone....im totally new to this site so not sure if i am posting in the right place but need a book recommendation! i decided to give sw a try and need the red/green food lists. was just wondering if i can find them in any of the sw books and if so would you have the name of the book for me please? there are so many sw books on the market so i am really confused. or would it be a better idea to register and visit my local sw group and get it from the teamleader?
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Put the kettle on
If you join a group you will get all the basic books which includes lists of all the basic free foods. You can also buy the directories at class which have the syns for branded foods but you can find most of this info on the website you would get access to if you joined class or on this website
ok, so will browse here first and then decide. my local meetings are in the evenings when i have no one to mind my little boy so the only other option is to register online. but thanks :)


I will be a yummy mummy!
I've got a few of the recipe books and they all have menu ideas in which would probably get you started. Also had a book 'delicious days' I think it was called and was full of red/green day ideas. I got mind ages ago from group but you might be able to find it on amazon?


wenchie said:
Lots of people do take their wee ones to class - would that be something you could do? Especially for the first night to get the books and the new members' talk?
I'm rejoining class on Friday and I'll be taking little un with me, in school holidays I have to take all 3 lol - no ones ever said anything & I'm not the only one with little ones there :) x
remember most recipes you can get on the net and convert them to sw friendly so you don't necessarily have to spend money on 'sw books', also look in the recipe sections to give you ideas :)
yeah, i know and that's exactly what i do...turn normal recipes into sw ones....my husband is a chef so i have loads of ideas....but the main thing for me is to know which foods (i mean raw foods) have how many syns......i did search here on the other thread but i just feel like there is so much information it's actually confusing. i started to write everything down so it's a bit easier. there is a class tomorrow in my town and i think i will pay a visit....even if just for the first week. anyway.....lost 5lb on my first week so i'm chuffed :)
I'm going to be honest here and like most people I was buying the books and losing weight very easily.

I must admit though, that it was more out of habit than anything else. The majority of the recipes didn't interest me. Out of all the books, there were probably 3 or 4 things of interest - and most of them just re-hashed or converted resipes as mentioned.

Just collect your own, read on here, get frrom online or the SW magazine. that way you're collecting the wheat and discarding the chaff;)


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