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Redbush leaf tea does naybody know ifs it allowed on LL


The Diet Guy
Leaf based teas are allowed on LL and CD so as long as it is just leaf based and nothing else then you should be fine.

Thanks Ice moose that is what I was hoping for , as i have completely gone off tea (used to be a 6 cups a day gal) and have even resorted to coffee which is not a good move as I weaned myself off the caffeine years ago and dotn want to go back really.
Will give it a try and let eveybody know whats its like.
Ohh I love rooiboos. I checked with my LLC when I started and she confirmed that it was OK. I have been drinking it since I started with no adverse effect.
I also drink rooiboos and oolong tea too, they are both supposed to be just fine. rooiboos is what my colonic doctor said that people should drink to make them "regular" and oolong, which is a chinese leaf tea is the one that Oprah swears helped her lose weight because of the fat burning quality that the tea has. They both taste great too.

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