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Yes i have used it before but useless. Did nothing for me.


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I did for a while a couple of years ago and found it worked intially for about 6 weeks and then it did nothing for me. Whilst I was on it one of my colleagues who was a little bit neurotic was convinced that my personality had changed when in fact it was her that was changing :D.


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Yep. Ive also been prescribed orlistat from the docs too - both were absolute balls! After recieving about a years worth of help from the doctor and practioner nurse ive finally conquered it on my own.

To me, reductil is a load of garbage! :giggle:


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I have used it and must admit I had success on it first time around. I've also used Orlistat and also had success on that. To be honest however, I think it was the low calorie low fat diet I was on that actually made the difference as opposed to the tablets (especially with Orlistat O.O ) The second time on Reductil however didn't make a difference, I was unable to get started with the diet so gave it up in the end due to the slight increase in BP it has a tendency to give you.

LT isn't for the fainthearted, it's not easy, but it definitely yields results and fast.
Yes, among other things. Afraid i found it did nothing for me, didn`t really curb my appetite and it was yucky going to the loo! Sorry to be so negative, but there you go!
i used it. Didnt help me loose. But increase my blood pressure an made me very ill. If i was you i'd stick to lipotrim.

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