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  1. first timer

    first timer Full Member

    Hi I was just wondering do you think taking Regucol (hope it spelt right) helps drop the pounds???
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  3. feelinggood

    feelinggood Full Member

    Whats that ? X

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  4. first timer

    first timer Full Member

    Not sure think you take it to help with going to toilet lol another girl here had said she took too much of it but had mossy 14lbs in 4 days
  5. millux

    millux Slim for Summer!

    If it's about going to the toilet then it probably just has a laxative effect. It's not fat, it's just water that you lose, plus a bit of waste of course. It'll come back. Plus - regularily using harsh laxatives (like taking too much of regucol) will render your bowels lazy. Not a good idea! ):
  6. Deezer

    Deezer Gold Member

    Oooog yeah be carefull with anything too harsh... i cant really comment properlay as i dont know much about it!! x
  7. Mirjam

    Mirjam Never Ever Give Up!

    DON'T!!!!!!! I used it last week and it completely bloated me up, kicked me out of ketosis and left me with terrible stomach cramps, not to mention what your stool is gonna be like when you go..... I spoke to LT headquarters about Regucol and they told me not to use it, but use senokot instead. Someone else here on the forum takes 2 tablets before she goes to bed and she has no problem with going. I'm gonna give that a try too as I don't like the cramps you get when you have to take dulcolax.

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