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Regular Braxton Hicks' - Just tiredness?

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Hi all, after some advice. :)

I had regular BH last night from around 7pm right through to early hours of the morning - used hypno birthing to help them pass easily and get some practice in! lol

But.. I did read that I should be phoning the hospital when I looked on line - it said any more than 4 and hour and I should phone.

I didn't as had a BUSY day in that it was my Lo's 5th birthday and I knew I'd overdone things so to be honest didn't want to be sat being monitored after travelling 18 miles to be told to go home! lol
I would have called / gone in if I couldn't cope with the pain etc but it was early contraction kind of pain nothing like the build up that happens. And baby had been moving around a lot during the evening / early night (and has been since).

I just wanted to sleep and managed to do so just waking now and then.

I wondered though if I was right in doing what I did.. was it just tiredness? Or am I looking at 'something' having happened?
Any advice gratefully received. Still trying NOT to pack that hospital bag! lol
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taking one day at a time
as long as you are feelig movement I think things will be fine ,have they stopped now ,you could maybe call mw and ask advice just incase x

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Thanks girls - have kept an eye this morning and still feeling baby moving / kicking around etc so normal there.
will maybe give her a ring as still have backache and am still getting tightenings - might time them first though so I can tell her how often they are.

Thanks x

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spoke to my duty MW from my team.. she is going to speak to another one in a couple of hours if no change in me and get her to come over to me as she'll pretty much be passing. She did warn due to gestation etc she can't do an internal and as baby movements felt all fine there likely.
I did reassure her I don't think i'm in 'labour' as they're milder than last night and I overdid things yesterday.

Fingers x'd they ease though as have had 3 in the last 10 mins just sitting..

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i'm hoping so too...

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Well thankfully they seem to have eased :D only 2 in the last hour..
Back still sore but that's not surprising. And baby moving around so all well there. :D
I def have more bhicks when I have overdone it. When I had to have the check up 2 weeks ago the monitor said I was having BHicks every 10 minutes, the dr looked me over and just said I didn't appear to be in labour, so would let me go. I actually couldn't feel them individually, my bump just felt very tight for the day. I have had another day like that today, belly is as hard as a rock and achey. I just hope my babs isn't disturbed by the bhicks cos I am having for long stretches of time. All I know is baby is kicking well, so I assume she is alert and has lots of energy! it's worth getting them checked though

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have had a lie down with hypno mp3 and a doze.. they've eased and none since i got up.
I get them really sore - they build then ease like contractions do. But not nearly strong enough to be 'real' contractions.

I'm sure our babies are fine as they're both so active bless 'em! lol Mine has finally gone to sleep I think maybe the BH were keeping her awake as she seems to have been on hte go all day! lol
know the feeling! was sitting in front of the computer at work all day doing my last report before I finish this Thursday...she either had her foot jammed under my right rib or was kicking me squarely close to that point. I had to jam my hand against that point so many times yesterday, needless to say it set off lots of bhicks, not helped by me trying to get a small shop done on the way home. By the time I got back from work my bump was like rock and really achey, only relieved by going to bed with a hot water bottle on back and another on my side. Am up at 4am at mo as I got up to make another hottie for back and found myself on here instead lol!

Crikey, this last bit has gone really fast isn't it? only a few weeks ago I was just worried that she wouldn't stay in long enough to be viable, now I am worried she'll stay in too long and have to have intervention to get out! And as I have never done this b4, it still hasn't really dawned on me I get a baby at the end of this and I will be a mummy...hoping that I can get my head around this once I have started maternity leave! anyway must be off now, as it is still the middle of the night and I still have work in the morning, pooh!

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I know what you mean entirely about 'getting a baby' at the end of it all.. I'm still amazed by that part too and was with Erin.. I remember the first night laying watching her - her watching me right back, both of us marvelling at what we were seeing I think! lol Fell completely in love though so don't worry about that! I don't know where it comes from but I was smitten!
Those first pics of her in a crib crying while they were seeing to me annoy me now I must confess. I've told DH he has to cuddle baby if I can't as I don't want any crying pics if we can help it! lol She looks so angry and upset and I wasn't there as the MW's kept me tied up.

Anyway.. I'm digressing. lol

Time has really gone fast and even if you need intervention later the end result is more than worth it ((Hugs)) don't fret about it, keep your eye on a positive natural birth and it'll more likely happen for all the positive thinking! ((hugs))

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Hi Ali.
It's a type of breathing and hypnotherapy that is used in birthing to help control reaction to pain etc. All natural.
There is a book by Marie Mongan, local practitioners do courses if you can afford them (I can't unfortunately) and Mp3's or Cd's that can be used to help you breath, relax, reassure, birth etc.

I have the book, along with some Mp3's from a practitioner in the home counties. :)

Here are a couple of websites:
Tums 2 Mums
This is the blog / website and 'shop' I got my Mp3's from, some great stories on here too.

Great for vids of hypno / home births
myBirth.tv : childbirth videos : The site that shows you what childbirth is really like

And the main site:
HypnoBirthing UK - self hypnosis - labour - natural childbirth classes

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