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Yummy Mummy in the making
I know, I never know who has left me any either :)


Please kick my butt!!
i have no idea what reps are exactly or how to give them??


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babycake - I am with you what are reps?


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Rep power is when other people leave comments for you and vise versa its a way of saying thank you i guess

You see the little scales above!!! if you click on them under each persons name you can leave comments

Hope this helps

O x
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Please kick my butt!!
thanks hunny xoxox


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cool - thank you think I could get carried away with reps!


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Whilst I am asking questions.. how do I get a pic on the side of my posts?
you cant get carried away hun there is a limit to how many you can leave a day.lol

User cp then edit avator .
You need to go to quick links at top, click on user control panel and on the left hand side there are lots of options, around the middle click on edit avatar, you need over 50 posts though i think to put a picture in
susan70 - thanks for your instructions

Ah makes sense couldnt get me a pic with the instructions from susan mainly because I havent posted enough.. well i will have to get posting!
saraian ... on the posting front (I am trying) thanks so much for my first reps!
post on the word association thread you will soon whip up the post count.lol.
Ok I will take a look at the word association - thanks guys!
Hey thanks loads to all of you guys that have added a rep for me - it has made me smile!!
Thanks for everyones help finally got me a pic! I will be Angelina one day.. well in 3 months plus a bit of help from a surgeon!

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