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Restarted SW.


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Hi everyone havent been on here for a while as i was moving house. After a bit of a break away from sw and realising that i wont be able to lose weight without support i have joined sw again. So so good and i really like my new group. Have found it a bit hard to adjust back to sw as its my second time round and i'm not as good with self control as i was the first time but i have lost 8lbs in 2 weeks so that is motivating me along x
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Gud luck, I'm restarting sw tomorrow, doing it myself at the moment as can't afford the class.
im also a re-starter ( restarted last fri) and this time im doing it on my own plus coming on here

ive still got all the recent books that ive dusted off , even got my 2 x slimmer of the week stickers and 1/2 stone sticker too;) - so that also helps as it shows i did actual achieve some weight loss

good luck hun :D

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