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Ribena really light?


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Does it have any points? i am drinking it as i find water boring but i am worried i may go over my points cause i dont know if the ribena has any in? i make up half a litre with about 50 mls of ribena and i have 2 litres a day? if anyone can work it out for me that would be great?
thanks xxx
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Ooo just read ur post properly n if it's the full sugar ribena I think it works out at high cals. I love full sugar ribena but don't have it cos I think I'd have to point it. If the basic guideline is 50 cals = 1pp then u could work it out approx

I looked up nutritional value of
Ribena really light n 100ml made up using 25ml dilute has 0.5 carbs so if u multiply by 20 to get the carbs for 2 litres = 10g carbs. I put this in the tracker n it works out at = 1pp.

Phew! Brain hurts now x

Ps don't go near full sugar ribena! The carbs r 11.4g for 100ml made up using 25ml dilute which works out at 1pp per 100 ml n an average glass is 250ml = 2.5pps!

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