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  1. herbie

    herbie Member

    I have 14llbs to go on foundation, so nearly there. I think Im going to stuggle financially continuing on the route to management. Can anyone give me any help on what foods that I should eat to start with so the weight dont go straight back on again. :confused:
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  3. Sean(JSF)

    Sean(JSF) Making it all add up

    I'd strongly recommend the RTM and it is cheaper then full abstinance. If there's ANY WAY you can do it, please do so. Most people who fall off plan & put weight back on haven't followed RTM so Please Please Please do everything you can to stay with it for as long as possible.

    I've posted food options on the RTM board (see link above) which you can download and print.

    May also be worth looking at RTM blogs for more help.

    Good luck, whatever you decide!
  4. catznolan

    catznolan nearly there!! :)

    i went through the same situation...OH lost his job just before xmass and im a student so had to stop rtm on week 7, that was the end of jan. since thn ive put up 5lbs (might add id not put on anything in rtm only 1lb and that came back off the next week), these 5lbs ive been more or less comfortable with them so only starting to get rid of them this week...

    basically im tryin to say although its not ideal not to finish rtm...(and i would have loving to be able to) if u really cannot that is a choice only u can make.

    its not easy going at it alone...u really got to keep an eye on it spec in those first couple of weeks!! but it can be done. stay going for as long as u can possibly and then decide.


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